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Monthly Roundup: June Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Releases

By July 6, 2017

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), is the foundation of the Connected Nonprofit, and every two weeks we release new features, fixes and updates. To keep you in the loop about the great new updates coming out in NPSP, we’re providing a monthly roundup, so you can get the latest and greatest information on our product!

100th Release of NPSP v3

June marked the 100th release of NPSP v3, which is an incredible milestone. A big thank you to our development team and the NPSP community! Part of the Power of Us Hub? Check out the thread to hear about favorite NPSP features.

New Donation Matching Options in NPSP Data Import

Now, in the NPSP Data Import tool, you can match on existing donations and payments. For example, if a new payment is received and there is already a Recurring Donation for that donor, NPSP will automatically match and update that opportunity as paid instead of creating a new Opportunity record. Check out the updated Data Import workbook for how to take advantage of this exciting new feature.

Donation Matching

NPSP Data Import Accelerator with Premier Success

When you purchase Salesforce Premier Success, you gain access to Salesforce Accelerators! Accelerators are 1:1 consultations with Salesforce Specialists that provide best practice guidance and solve specific Salesforce challenges faster. recently launched the NPSP Data Import Accelerator. This Accelerator is designed to help you import client or donor data into Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack. A certified specialist will show you how the import process works, give you a chance to try the import tool, and teach you how to troubleshoot errors. You’ll also learn about additional resources for uploading data to Salesforce. Visit to review the details for this new Accelerator.

NPSP How-To Video Series

The NPSP Community created some incredible how to videos during the Baltimore Sprint in March around engagement plans, levels and using the two features together! Take a look below:

    Engagement Plans – Automate complex sets of tasks to steward donors or anything else you can imagine
    Levels – Automate milestones to foster relationships
    Levels with Engagement Plans – Combine the two features to have tasks assigned whenever a certain level is reached

NPSP Reporting Webinar Recording & Slides

On June 15th, we hosted a great webinar around the latest and greatest in NPSP reporting focused on the NPSP Reporting workbook and the new reports now available in Nonprofit Success Pack. Take a look at the recording and slides.

NPSP Sprint in Chicago on August 8-9

Our next sprint is taking place in Chicago on August 8-9th! Head over to Midwest Dreamin’ post Sprint where we’re hosting the nonprofit track! If you’re interested in joining us, learn more:

These are just some of the recent release highlights and announcements. If you are interested in following our releases more closely, join the NPSP Release Announcements group in the HUB. We promise no spam and low volume (approximately one post per week).