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Meet Lionheart Astro: Here to Help You Achieve Your Mission

By September 1, 2021

Lionheart Astro helps nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organizations reach their full potential.

When you’re working to make the world a better place, it helps to have a champion — but not just any champion. You need a hero with a bold voice, lots of courage, and a heart of gold.

That’s Lionheart Astro. And if you’re a nonprofit, educational institution or philanthropy, they’re here to meet your unique needs.

Lionheart Astro
Lionheart Astro helps nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organizations reach their full potential.

Astro, Supercharged.

Lionheart Astro — an integral member of the Salesforce family of characters — is a supercharged version of Astro Nomical, and serves as your guide to all things

A noble advocate, Lionheart Astro is graced with extra doses of bravery and compassion — and, if we do say so ourselves, a super-snazzy lion suit.

Why a Lion?

Lions are both protective and social. They fight for what matters to them, and they collaborate within their pride. And pride is the perfect word for how we feel about our community.

We’re honored to work with over 51,000 organizations as they advance their missions and build a better future. Whether you’re a local community group or a globally-recognized brand, we strive to provide you with the resources you need to connect with your constituents, with each other, and with our team.

In the process, we create spaces for us all to come together, collaborate, and share ideas and inspiration, enabling us all to work together as a community to make lasting change. Lionheart Astro represents our commitment to sharing the best of us.

Lionheart Astro

Here to Lend a Paw

How can Lionheart Astro help you take charge of your journey? If you’re a nonprofit, they’re your guide as you scale your impact. If you’re a school, they’re with you as you drive learner and institution success. And if you’re a company, they’ll lend a paw as you engage your employees with the causes they care about.

Whatever your mission, Lionheart Astro is about helping you make a bigger impact — and evolving with you as your needs change. They’ll guide you as you take advantage of the opportunities for our community, including:

  • Pro Bono: When you need a no-cost boost of product expertise and digital know-how, you can request up to 20 hours of pro bono services from members of the Salesforce team.
  • Power of Us: Get access to 10 free subscriptions, as well as deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, and/or services from Salesforce.
  • Impact Labs: Collaborate with a diverse group of experts across industries to co-design solutions for complex social challenges.
  • Open Source Commons: Benefit from a community of talented developers who volunteer their time and effort to contribute trusted, innovative, open-source solutions that serve all of us.

Ready to learn more about all the possibilities? Just follow the fearless feline with a heart of bold.