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Long live the NPSP

By October 27, 2016

By: Pierre Kaluzny, Founder, Sputnik Moment

What do a human services organization like Parent to Parent of Georgia, an art organization like Art-Reach and a foundation like Blandin Foundation have in common? They are all using the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

This illustrates how the NPSP has become the foundation for building solutions for nonprofit organizations and thus, support a wide variety of features.

Over the years, the NPSP evolved from basic fundraising functionalities to more robust ones, such as soft credits and fund allocations. The NPSP also ventured outside of fundraising with volunteer management and more recently constituent engagement.

It was clearly time for a new name that would simply convey what the NPSP is: the Nonprofit Success Pack for Salesforce. If you are already using the NPSP then just call it the Success Pack now and be ready for more. If you are not using it yet, you should definitely pay attention. Check out a great example of an organization that is increasing their impact with NPSP: Feeding Matters

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