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Leading with Resilience as Nonprofit and Education Leaders Move to Reopen

By Rob Acker May 4, 2020

by Rob Acker, CEO,

One of the big questions on everyone’s mind is, “When and how can we reopen our organizations and communities safely?”.  In order for this to happen, we must have systems and processes in place to ensure the safety of every employee, student, staff member, constituent, and volunteer so that we can provide the most secure environment possible. These systems and processes are a pre-requisite to returning to the workplace. It is especially important for those in the non-profit, education, and health sectors who are on the frontlines of protecting communities around the world.

This is why Salesforce is launching today. This is our one-stop resource to help communities and businesses reopen safely and effectively. includes new apps and solutions for making data-driven decisions quickly, assessing employee and workforce readiness, and accelerating our community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. brings together the full power of health experts, business leaders, and the Salesforce ecosystem to help leaders from every sector safely and responsibly manage returning to the workplace, reopening communities, and preparing for a new normal.

This includes product solutions designed for return-to-work and emergency response operations, such as monitoring employee, student, and visitor health and wellness; helping with facilities preparedness and employee shift scheduling; and automating and scaling emergency response management and manual contact tracing. also includes a resource center informed by the Business Roundtable and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) with insights from business, health, and government leaders, in addition to data-driven analysis, best practices, and recovery stories.

In the next normal, organizations will need to stay on top of ever-changing local and federal guidelines. They’ll need new ways of planning, managing, and monitoring employee and workforce readiness, facilities preparedness, and emergency management response. They’ll need strong collaboration across faculty, staff, students, teachers, and departments, and tools to make data-driven decisions quickly and communicate to employees, partners, and customers at scale.

Building resilience for the education and nonprofit sectors to return to serving our students and our communities is our highest priority. Returning to the workplace will be a critical reset for all of us and we are committed to helping you navigate this important and unprecedented moment.

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Rob Acker, CEO

Rob Acker, CEO

Rob leads the business that enables to be the most impactful nonprofit social enterprise in the world. He has responsibility for the management of and focuses on delivering world-class technology to nonprofits and higher education customers.