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Japan Winter Volunteering Weeks 2013

By Haruka Maruno December 26, 2013


by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya have actively participated to various volunteer activities during autumn and winter. Employees took action on social issues that they were interested individually or as a team. The total volunteer hours has reached to 6,300 hours during February to December 2013. Here are some highlights.


Multicultural Center Tokyo: Gardening Volunteer

IMG_6100 8 employees from the SE team have participated in gardening volunteer on the new school building of Multicultural Center Tokyo(MCT).  MCT, which is supported by the “Healthy Communities Grant”, where children who has roots in foreign country educate themselves. As a result of more than 4 hours of volunteer activities, the pathway to the building that was full of grasses were cleaned and, tulips and pansies were planted near the entrance where children use everyday.

今年度のHealthy Communities Grantの助成先である、外国にルーツを持つ子どもたちが学ぶ多文化共生センター東京の新校舎の環境整備のため、SEチーム8名がガーデニングに取り組みました。4時間を超える活動の結果、雑草でいっぱいだった通路は歩きやすくなり、子どもたちが毎日行き来する入口付近には鮮やかなパンジーやチューリップの球根が植えられました。

Giving Tree: Christmas presents to Children foster homes & nurseries

DSC_5178This year too, we have conducted the “Giving Tree” project, where employees will prepare a Christmas present based on the wish list from the children of foster homes and nurseries. The present was handed 166 children in 3 institutions one by one, and children were all excited when the employees showed up dressed Santa and reindeer costumes.

児童養護施設や乳児院の子どもたちからのウィッシュリストに合わせて、社員有志がクリスマスプレゼントを準備して届けるGiving Treeを今年も実施しました。3つの施設の166名の子どもたちにプレゼントを一つずつ手渡ししました。サンタやトナカイのコスチュームに身を包んだ社員が登場すると、子どもたちの笑顔があふれました。

Second Harvest Japan: Pantry food packaging

IMG_61536 employees from Real Estate & Workplace Services participated in the food packaging activity which the Japan’s first food bank, Second Harvest Japan has carried out. Food packaged in cardboard boxes will be sent to refugees, single mothers, unemployment or unstable employment that lives in Japan.

日本初のフードバンクであるセカンドハーベスト・ジャパンが実施するパントリー食品パッケージに、Real Estate &Workplace Servicesチームの6名が参加しました。段ボールに詰められた食品類は、日本に住む難民の方やシングルマザー、失業または不安定雇用により十分な収入の得られない方たちのもとへ届けられます。

Upcoming volunteer activities are; charity chocolate wrapping for ACE who works on problems with child labor, boxing and sending child books for Shanti Volunteer Association, and holding an email lecture secession working together with “tamariba-palette” for people with disabilities.