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Investing in K-12 Education for our Future

By Helen Hwang September 26, 2017

Salesforce and have always had a strong commitment to education. Since our founding in 1999, we’ve given $65 million and 175,000 volunteer hours to K-12 schools, with a focus on STEM and computer science education. And with our announcement today, we’re increasing our efforts with an additional $50 million and one million volunteer hours over five years to expand K-12 computer science education in the U.S. to ensure our students are prepared for college and the digital economy. In the words of our Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, “Nothing is more important than educating our nation’s students and preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow.”

Salesforce for K-12 Education

At, we believe that technology has the potential to be one of the most powerful equalizers of our time, providing access to data, knowledge, and above all connections. That is why is now offering ten free subscriptions of our tailored Salesforce solutions to K-12 schools, with further discounts on additional subscriptions and products to all eligible K-12 schools.

The Salesforce platform is already used by more than 150,000 companies and 32,000 nonprofits and education institutions to connect with their constituents in a whole new way. With access to the world’s #1 enterprise cloud platform, K-12 trailblazers will now be able to gain a 360 view of their students, enable staff collaboration, drive parent engagement, simplify admissions and enrollment, and streamline grants and fundraising.

Many K-12 schools, districts, and networks are already using Salesforce. “With Salesforce, we can gain a holistic understanding of each student’s progress and experience at our school.” Arpi Karapetyan, Accountability and Communications Manager, Boston Day & Evening Academy.

Boston Day and Evening Academy

See how innovators like KIPP, Austin Independent School District, and others are using Salesforce to become connected schools and improve student outcomes.

How can K-12 schools get started with Salesforce?

We believe that equality starts with education and our investment in education is an investment in a more equitable future for us all. Let’s work together to get there.

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