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Introducing Power of Us Ideas

By June 13, 2016

At, we believe that the best ideas about our products come from the customers and partners who grapple daily with how best to innovate and use our products to solve large social issues. The community of Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) and Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) users validate this belief every day as they continually contribute code and submit feedback and ideas that make the products better.

In our role as stewards of the NPSP and HEDA, we have been looking for a way to more effectively gather and synthesize user feedback about the NPSP and HEDA products.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Power of Us Ideas – a way for Salesforce users to submit and vote on feature and functionality requests for all products!

Submit or Vote on an Idea

Submitting or voting on an Idea is easy. Just log in to the Power of Us Hub using your Salesforce user credentials and click on the Ideas Tab. Click “New Idea” to submit your Idea or click the “thumbs up” to vote on an Idea.

Power of Us Ideas

Learn more about everything you can do with Power of Us Ideas.

Submitting or voting on a Power of Us Idea will help product managers prioritize and deliver new features that are meaningful to you and the other users in your organization.

“The Nonprofit Starter Pack is lucky to have an incredibly active community of users and contributors. While the conversation in the HUB has always been a very active one, Ideas will give us clear guidance around which features will drive the most impact for our customers.”

– Mary Pustejovsky, Technical Product Manager, Nonprofit,

Power of Us Ideas and IdeaExchange

Idea Exchange 10 yearsOf course, Salesforce “Ideas” is not a new Idea. And we are grateful to for leading the way with the Salesforce IdeaExchange. In fact, the IdeaExchange on the Success Community recently celebrated its 10th birthday! In that decade, the Salesforce community has created over 50,000 ideas and voted for them over 1 million times. This has driven Salesforce Product Managers to deliver impactful and highly requested features to the platform such as Joined Reports, Duplication Management, State & Country Picklists and so much more.

We can only hope to be as successful!

The beauty of Power of Us Ideas is that it’s only for Ideas related to products developed by and our community: Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP), Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) and the Power of Us Hub itself.

Want to be able to have more than 3 columns in your Dashboard? Then you’ll continue to post, vote and comment on those types of Ideas on the IdeaExchange. But if you want NPSP or HEDA Affiliations to work in a different or better way, that’s a perfect Idea for the new Power of Us Ideas.

“Having a Ideas feature allows nonprofit and higher ed users to influence the product road maps directly. They can request functionality that would never be built into the core platform. I can’t wait to see the first idea become part of either NPSP or HEDA.”

– Adam Kramer, NPSP Practice Lead at KELL Partners and NPSP Advisory Board Member

Check out Power of Us Ideas today and let us know what you think in the Power of Us Ideas Chatter group. We’re listening!


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