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Innovating with Salesforce, HEDA and Data Integration

By June 14, 2017

There are a lot of tools on the market for building integrations. They do all sorts of interesting things — from integrating cloud-based systems to exposing APIs. For some situations, a tool that is a jack-of-all-trades is a necessity. But scaling integrations with a limited set of resources requires a focus on what really matters — ease of use and quality data models.

Salesforce innovations like the AppExchange and the database empower institutions to reimagine student experiences. The Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) enables institutional innovation that will easily replicate and reduce the integration effort to innovate.

Lingk provides data synchronization tools for what really matters — self service easy to configure integrations and quality data from strategic systems like the SIS and LMS. These two areas are seldom considered in the myriad of general purpose integration tools and professional services options on the market. For institutions, what’s at stake is your ability to affordably connect Salesforce to key enterprise systems and education platforms needed to drive dashboards and notifications for student success, coaching and retention. For vendors, what’s at stake is your ability to scale your Salesforce implementations with less cost and less time to implement.

LingkSync represents the union of ease of use and education data models in an easy to install AppExchange app. These apps are designed to fit into the Salesforce administrator experience and to enable better collaboration between other technical resources required for integration.

LingkSync for SIS

LingkSync for Banner by Ellucian is an example of this experience. Available on the AppExchange, the LingkSync app enables contextual data from student information systems (SIS) to be combined with Salesforce data to enhance and expand student lifecycle use of Salesforce at institutions.

Salesforce Admins

Salesforce Admins using the LingkSync app can easily add Banner SIS (Student Information System) data into their account to power new dashboards, reports and notifications supporting user requests for more student lifecycle data. The LingkSync app provides a first-of-a-kind wizard-based and self-service configuration experience for Salesforce Admins to quickly gain access to an expansive amount of Student Lifecycle data without the need for costly, time-consuming and complex integration projects or the need to hire a System Integrator.

For maximum flexibility and efficiency, the LingkSync app provides default auto mapping to both standard Salesforce and HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture) data objects. Data syncing can be run manually or automatically at scheduled intervals for increased freshness.

LingkSync for Admins

Salesforce End Users

Salesforce End Users will have immediate access to an expansive amount of SIS data fields in Salesforce to allow users to build new and enhanced views, dashboards and reports to gain powerful insights. With access to more student lifecycle data users can create new use cases that help to automate and transform their work.

Salesforce End Users

LingkSync apps for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Ellucian Colleague, Blackboard, Instructure Canvas and more are coming soon on the AppExchange and are available now as a pre-release for early adopters. Each of these products provide simple ways to hook additional data sources and targets into your custom or HEDA-based Salesforce data model.

Learn more about LingkSync apps for Salesforce, the Lingk Platform and Salesforce Data Model Consulting Services by exploring