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Hub Heroes: January 2018

By Lizzy Roberts January 2, 2018

The Power of Us Hub is an online community for customers, certified partners and staff. The Hub is a place for you to get answers, build your Salesforce skills, share your expertise and connect with others in the nonprofit, higher education, and K-12 sectors who are using Salesforce!

Every month we feature members of the Power of Us Hub who help other members become more successful — they become “Hub Heroes”!

For the month of January, we are proud to highlight the community contributions of Tim Forbes and Cori O’Brien. Thanks to Tim and Cori for all you do! Want to nominate someone who has helped you in the Hub? Nominate a helpful Hubber!

We ask that our Hub Heroes share two truths and a lie about themselves — take a look below! Head to the Power of Us Hub, meet Tim and Cori, and see if you can solve their “two truths and a lie!” See you in the Hub!

Tim Forbes

Twitter Handle: @timothyforbes
Tim ForbesSoapbox Engage
1. Two truths and one lie about you!

  • I saw soccer great, Pelé, play his last competitive match in Portland, Oregon where the New York Cosmos beat the Seattle Sounders 2 – 1
  • I’ve quaffed fermented mare’s milk and ridden horses high in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan
  • My real name is Søren Bartholomew Ebenezer Forbes III and my great uncle ran for president a few years ago, campaigning on the idea of a flat tax

2. Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?

I am a lover of nonprofits and how technology can supercharge their missions to make more flowers bloom, more hungry folk fed, more truth shine, and more peace reign. Over two decades, I’ve seen firsthand with several organizations I worked for around the country and the world and the many nonprofits we serve at Soapbox Engage that the right technology can help even tiny nonprofits cast a shadow bigger than themselves and their budgets so they can do amazing, impactful, important things.

As a certified Salesforce Administrator, Trailhead Ranger, and creator of Salesforce how-to recipes for Soapbox Engage’s blog, I am motivated to discover powerful ways to extend the Nonprofit Success Pack to coax out even more functionality for nonprofit fundraising and programmatic success.

Cori O’Brien

Cori-OBrieniATS Payments
Twitter Handle: @coriopaluck
1. Two truths and a lie about you!

  • I am an avid baker and slightly obsessed with a British TV show called The Great British Bake Off.
  • I love travelling, for personal or business. I am proud to say I’ve attended almost all of the NPSP Community Sprint’s and can’t wait for the next one where we combine with the HEDA group!
  • I did NOT giggle with delight when I finally got my Trailblazer Hoodie. I also didn’t wear it every day and night for a week afterwards!

2. Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?

Community is truly at the heart and soul of every aspect of my life. I thrive in an environment where I feel included and supported, where all voices are valid. I always try my best to ensure those around me feel included too, because inclusion is the hallmark of a great community.

I have an incredible amount of respect for community concepts. A few years ago my husband and I decided to bring that concept into our home by moving into a Housing Cooperative. Canadian housing co-op’s are essentially nonprofit apartment complexes where the members form a community that works together to manage the homes and facilities involved. Members are responsible for everything from establishing a Board of Directors to changing light bulbs and cutting the lawn. Co-op communities are made up of all kinds of people – we all have different backgrounds, incomes and needs. Our community supports one another through daily life, and lends a hand whenever needed. Establishing communities like these is especially important within a large city like Vancouver, where it’s easy to feel alone despite the crowds.

While communities can be physical places, we are seeing an increasing amount of online spaces for people to connect. Through these platforms, each individual post, comment, and share holds its own importance within the community. This is especially relevant in an online forum such as the Power of Us Hub.

The Hub is an incredibly special place given its ability to bring people together. Similar to the big city, the Salesforce world can be daunting and overwhelming to new users, especially to those in the nonprofit space. Those who are not as familiar with large enterprise level CRM database tools find a place to connect over common ground through the Hub.

The community members of the Hub serve as a welcoming committee for those new users. We offer an incredible peer support system, resources, and helping hands. The best part is, all of this is accessible with a few clicks of a mouse! Each time we ‘like’ a post, it’s like a wave hello at the mailbox. When we answer a question or respond to a poll, we’re dropping off that missing cup of sugar. It’s an old fashioned idea delivered via new technology.

I contribute to the Hub by lending a hand whenever and wherever I can. I may not be able to bring a welcome basket of cookies like I would for my physical neighbors, but if I can give advice on how to filter a report or introduce someone to Trailhead, it makes me feel like I’ve made a positive impact in the same way.


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