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Hub Heroes: August 2015

By July 31, 2015

As we mark the two-year anniversary of the Power of Us Hub, we are publishing monthly profiles of some of the members that make the Hub such a fun and valuable community.

“Hub Heroes” are nominated by their fellow community members. Want to nominate someone who has helped you in the Hub? Complete this form.

For the month of August, we are proud to highlight the community contributions of Justin Barss, Megan Himan, and Elena Inurrategui. In addition to answering questions and sharing best practices, Justin, Megan and Elena are also active in their local nonprofit user groups and Elena started and maintains the only Spanish-language group in the Hub where she answers questions from many of our customers from nonprofit organizations in Latin America. Thanks to Justin, Megan and Elena for all you do!

Justin Barss
Justin Barss,

Senior Support Manager, Now IT Matters

Two Truths and One Lie about Justin

  1. I was once accused of being too much of a lumbersexual by Joni Martin.
  2. I practice wood chopping as a spiritual discipline.
  3. I started a tree service company called Urban-Lumberjack (pre-Salesforce) and then closed it after falling out of a tree.

Why is community important to you?  What motivates you to contribute?

I have been well loved and inspired to hope by Community.  Currently it’s my team at Now IT Matters – Angela, Warren, Joni, Christine, Beth and Tim.  These people are the salt of the earth and they represent (to me) what is best about the Salesforce nonprofit community.  Before that, it was the people in and throughout the city of Wilmington, DE that loved me and inspired me from the first day I stepped foot there to run summer camps back in June 2002.  Community organizers, college student interns, children from the ‘hood and moms from urban streets that taught me what it looked like to care for their kids and take part in the community.  Most of my outlook on community is inherited by time spent doing urban ministry / church planting in the city of Wilmington.  Working with a team of people to help others in the city in a way that is practical, respectful, and supportive has changed my outlook on life and what community should be.

People have been teaching me by example what it looks like to encourage, help, and support others for a while now, and the community of the Hub offers me a way to do that every single day. I’m inspired by thankulness that the role others have had in my life and am offered a chance to go and do likewise.

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Megan Himan
Megan Himan,

Co-founder, BrightStep Partners

Two Truths and One Lie about Megan

  1. I track great-horned owls in the City of San Francisco
  2. I’m a cancer survivor
  3. I played rugby on the U.S. National Team

Why is community important to you?  What motivates you to contribute?

For many years I’ve worked in vibrant nonprofit office environments where my colleagues have become best friends. Since starting to work exclusively on Salesforce my work has been full and meaningful but I’ve missed having a cohort to call my own. Thanks to the HUB I feel like I have a group of colleagues again and when I meet you in person I am reminded of just how great it is to be connected. AND it’s so much fun to solve problems and talk through scenarios together. Thank you Hubbers!

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Elena Inurrategui Elena Inurrategui,

Salesforce Administrator, David Suzuki Foundation

Two Truths and One Lie about Elena

  1. I have lived in 5 different cities in the last 5 years.
  2. While I was in college, I took lessons to learn to fly a helicopter.
  3. My first task on my first job ever in an office was to clean and import a million contacts into Salesforce.

Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?

I am from Argentina, and I know first hand the amazing work Latin American non-profits are doing without a lot of budget. Now living in Vancouver, the Hub is giving me the opportunity to help these organizations from miles away. It is my opportunity to give back!  But it is not only about giving, I have found amazing people willing to take their time to help me. The community is an example of how willing people are to help and share knowledge when given the opportunity.

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