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How Salesforce Celebrates Earth Day All Month Long

By April 22, 2015

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Volunteers cleaning upHere at Salesforce, we believe environmental sustainability enhances our workplace and helps us remember to keep corporate responsibility top-of-mind. Throughout the year our green team, Earthforce, helps promote different ways we can remain environmentally-friendly, from educational programs to initiatives to reduce our office waste, but each April we give a little extra love to environmental causes that are dear to us. Here are a few of the ways we celebrated Earth Month all April long:

We encouraged our employees to take an #EarthPledge, an every day change that makes a big impact on the environment.

Here are a few of pledges from our employees all over the globe:

“My #EarthPledge is to unplug devices when not in use.” -Olivia Puckrin, Toronto

“I’m in my second year of attempting to reduce my use of new plastic by using my own bags and containers and shopping primarily in the bulk section of the grocery store. This month I pledge to continue to consciously choose products that don’t use plastic packaging, or to reuse or recycle plastics that I can’t avoid.” -Erin Flasher, Portland

“This Earth Month I commit to avoid drinking single-serve beverages to reduce by plastic and aluminum waste footprint. #EarthPledge.” -Sunya Ojure, San Francisco

“As Office Manager, I pledge to initiate the switch of our energy supply to 100% renewable energies with our supplier. Also, we will have the office lighting switched off automatically in the evening through our building management system.” -Stefan Karnoll, Munich

“I pledge to eat meat no more than four times per week and stay conscious of how my food choices affect water consumption.” -Jason Daniel, San Francisco

“Continue to promote the Atlanta BeltLine instead of driving in cars #EarthPledge.” -Katie Melick, Atlanta

In addition to #EarthPledges, we amped up our employee volunteering efforts around environmental causes worldwide:

Earth-Day-cleanupIn Indianapolis, some of our new hires cleaned up a local riverbed at White River State Park as part of their orientation, collecting 572 bags of trash!

Our colleagues in Tokyo cleaned up a local forest and attended a seminar about environmental conservation.

Twenty employees in Toronto rolled up their sleeves and collected garbage along Waterfront Park, in partnership with the City of Toronto.

And here in San Francisco, our new hires weeded and planted Pier 94.

If you’re interested in learning more about Earthforce and Salesforce’s sustainability efforts, you can check out “Why Green Teams Matter” on Huffington Post and our Sustainability website.