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How Datorama Helps Nonprofits Improve Data Visibility Across Marketing

By Lautel Okhio September 22, 2020

As the world becomes increasingly digital-first, being able to accurately measure, track, and analyze data has become critical to nonprofits’ long-term success.

The Top Four Trends Impacting Nonprofits report found that nonprofit organizations get their data from an average of six different sources–and that number is expected to increase to eight by 2021. With so much data, it can be difficult to measure key performance indicators–like return on investment, campaign performance, and engagement–which in turn makes it hard to tell if an organization’s message is resonating with its target audience.

This is what makes Datorama such a critical tool for nonprofits looking to gain a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not, and take decisive steps to optimize their campaign performance, and increase internal transparency.

Datorama helps optimize campaign performance.

Datorama helps optimize campaign performance.

Making The Case for Real-Time Campaign Measurement

But what makes a tool like Datorama effective? Datorama is a real-time data visualization tool designed to help marketers measure, track, and take action on their marketing campaigns and analytics data in real time. Many nonprofits struggle with getting accurate campaign performance measurements–especially while a campaign is running.

This makes it difficult to assess which channels and messages are most effective. More importantly, lack of real-time tracking means that when a campaign isn’t successful, it can be almost impossible to make changes to it until it finishes. The result is a loss in return on investment, and retroactive insights that might lack specificity.

For budget-conscious nonprofits, and those operating with reduced resources and capacity due to the pressures of COVID, lacking real-time analytics also means a lot of risk and uncertainty with each campaign. When there’s no spare budget for things to go wrong, it’s tempting to stick to what you know will work, even if it isn’t going to boost success by much.

A Good Data Platform Can Help Nonprofits Take The Right Kind of Risk

Nonprofits need to be able to take the ‘risk’ of innovating on new channels, and experimenting with new types of content more critically than ever. COVID has changed the way that supporters engage with organizations in every industry–including nonprofits.

Many organizations have, or are planning to, launch and scale digital versions of many of their in-person events throughout the calendar year. Digital platforms like social media have taken center stage as both a means of communicating with existing supporters and attracting new ones. With these changes comes the need to track the flow of data across different touchpoints, and across different channels.

A tool like Datorama can surface up insights into the effectiveness of these channels that lets organizations take action immediately if campaigns aren’t performing well. It also allows nonprofits to take a deeper dive through an integration with popular data analytics software Tableau in order to draw accurate insights and analysis from that data, allowing budget optimization for the biggest return.

Team reviewing report data at a meeting.

Datorama connects systems to optimize tracking, analytics, and visibility.

Disparate systems? No problem.

There are other challenges involved in adapting to the new normal and beyond–one of which is the fact that data will live in many different platforms as organizations work to connect online and offline. No matter what system your organization is using for web tracking, marketing, emails, or analytics, Datorama can connect them all. This is especially important for users of marketing automation tools like Pardot. Pardot users can now surface all of their data in Datorama’s intuitive dashboards, giving them the ability to see and track their marketing performance across all of their platforms.

Not a Pardot user? That’s okay. Nonprofits can connect any marketing platform, including Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder, to get a complete, comprehensive view of their marketing efforts.

Great supporter experiences start with having the right data, and getting the right data starts with improving data visibility across campaigns and initiatives.

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About the Author

Lautel Okhio, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce

Lautel Okhio is a Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce.