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Honoring Educators During Teacher Appreciation Week & Beyond

By May 3, 2022

It’s all because of her [Ms. Musgrove], and teachers all over the world, who continue to pour into their students and hope that it makes a positive impact. And because of her, I hope that she knows that she’s been able to make an impact on the world as well, by pouring into me.” – Orion Jean


Schools are more than a place for learning — they provide structure, safety, food, academic support, and so much more. Teachers are at the heart of this experience as they work to provide equitable education opportunities for all students and cultivate the next generation of change makers.

Here at, educators’ unwavering dedication and commitment to driving student success (especially these past two years) continuously inspires us. During our recent Education Summit event, TIME’s “Kid of the Year”, Orion Jean, put it best when he said, “Teachers, you are instilling values in young minds. Kids spend most of their time at school — you are the people who are their role models and can lead by example.”

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’d like to share and celebrate a few of the educators we have the pleasure of working with globally.

Patrick Ng, Tech Liaison, Roosevelt Middle School, U.S.
Patrick Ng, Tech Liaison, Roosevelt Middle School, U.S.
With Patrick’s leadership, Roosevelt’s transition to distance learning was one of the most effective in the San Francisco Unified School District. Patrick went above and beyond to ensure all students had the tools, access, and knowledge to be successful. Throughout the pandemic, he traveled to families’ homes and met with them outside to repair equipment or walked them through processes that couldn’t be done online.
Anita Alicea, Aspiring Leader, Aspiring Assistant Principals Institute, U.S.
Anita Alicea, Aspiring Leader, Aspiring Assistant Principals Institute, U.S.
Anita Alicea worked as a STEM Integration Specialist at Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy High School for 6 years, focused on creating culturally responsive teaching and equity environments. Anita pursued her career goal to become an administrator by joining the Chicago Public Schools’ Aspiring Assistant Principals Institute. Through this program, Anita is nurturing her strong leadership potential and focusing on identified areas for development, enabling her to grow into an effective change agent and administrator.
John Townley, STEM Coordinator, Cecil Andrews, College, Australia
John Townley, STEM Coordinator, Cecil Andrews, College, Australia
Too many students were dropping high-level STEM subjects at Cecil Andrews College, and STEM Coordinator John Townley was determined to change that. He created a vibrant robotics program and then expanded it to 12 other schools. The college also established a statewide STEM Innovation Network involving 25 metro, regional, and remote disadvantaged schools. In recognition of his excellence and leadership in STEM education, John received a Commonwealth Bank Teaching Award, Australia’s most prestigious teaching award.


During Teacher Appreciation Week, we encourage you to find ways to thank your favorite educators — through an email, video, donation, or other creative ways. also invites you to donate to the following organizations supporting teachers, and check out our Global Giving resources for more information on education projects that need support:

  • Donors Choose: Support a classroom. Build a future. Teachers and students need your support more than ever. Get crayons, books, cleaning supplies, technology, and more to help students get back to learning.
  • BuildOn: BuildOn’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education. BuildOn mobilizes U.S. students to transform their communities through service and change the world by building schools in developing countries.
  • Pencils of Promise: This organization believes that students will perform better if classrooms are led by enthusiastic, inspired, and well-trained teachers. Pencils of Promise provides public primary school teachers with training and innovative resources, enhancing the delivery of national curriculum, and empowering them to lead dynamic and effective lessons.