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Strengthening’s Commitment to The Power of Us Program

By Rob Acker November 16, 2021

The pandemic disrupted every aspect of life, and it’s no secret that nonprofits and educational institutions were particularly hard hit. That said, those that were quick to adapt digitally are the ones exceeding their goals now, and the ones most likely to thrive in the future.

And with that enhanced digital infrastructure, we’re seeing nonprofits and institutions power relationships, accelerate progress, and champion opportunity more than ever before. It’s another reminder that when we shift the power from the few to the many, we can accomplish more than we could have ever imagined.

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The Power of Us program provides technology donations and discounts to eligible customers.

The Power of Us Program

Shifting that power from the few to the many isn’t just something that we talk about — it’s part of the fabric of who we are. When Salesforce was founded, Parker Harris and Marc Benioff committed to giving away 1% of our equity, 1% of our time, and 1% of our technology. Over time, that commitment has grown and evolved — including the Power of Us program,’s technology donation and discount program.

We’ve seen how access to technology over the last two years was especially critical for survival, as organizations pivoted and adjusted to the changing environment. Today, we are strengthening our commitment to making that technology available to everyone, with easier customer access, additional discounted products and support services, and even more opportunities to connect with the community.

Our community of more than 56,000 nonprofits and educators does world-changing work everyday. To maximize their impact, they need technology that will support them in that work. For the last 22 years, the Power of Us program has provided all eligible organizations 10 free Salesforce licenses, industry data models like Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), and other free and discounted products.

Our commitment to the Power of Us program is rooted in our belief that equal access to the best ideas and state-of-the-art technologies can help change the world for the better. And nowhere is that more apparent than in our community.

So far in 2021, has donated technology and pro bono support worth more than $1.45 billion to eligible organizations through the Power of Us program. This year, Salesforce employees have also volunteered more than 120,000 pro bono hours to help those organizations use that technology effectively. In combination, the impact of the technology and support we’ve provided this year has had a profound impact. More than 88% of organizations in our Power of Us program say that access to Salesforce tools and support have changed and improved how their work gets done.

Power of Us in Action

Save The Waves (STW) is an international nonprofit that works collaboratively with a range of organizations dedicated to protecting surf ecosystems and combating the devastating effects of climate change. Over the last seven years through the Power of Us program, STW has used Salesforce to support their programmatic, fundraising, and coalition efforts without having to ever pay for a license.

That access to Salesforce tools has been particularly important over the last two years, after the pandemic forced the organization and its partners to work remotely. Like many other organizations, STW relied heavily on technology to stay connected, communicate with its community, and continue its important work.

The Power of Us program has been especially impactful in helping the STW team understand how to use technology to maximize their impact. With free self-guided training modules on Trailhead and affordable implementation support through pro bono volunteers, STW has been able to tailor the Salesforce system to meet their unique needs. The result has been more effective collecting, managing, and reporting on data to influence decision making with their board, invoke action from their constituents, and prioritize efforts internally.

“Democratizing data and having access to it is crucial,” said Mikaela Osten, operations manager at Save the Waves. ”Using our 10 free licenses made available through the Power of Us program, we can better understand our communities’ needs and how to address them. We can make sure that the solutions we’re providing are right for the community.”

From protecting surf ecosystems and combating climate change to striving for zero hunger, and creating a place to call home for everyone, our customers regularly prove the countless ways in which technology can help nonprofits and education institutions make change everyday. Salesforce is honored to play our role in providing the tools, access, and platform our customers need to power their purpose and maximize impact for long-lasting change.

Learn more and sign up for the Power of Us Program and explore what’s possible.

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Rob Acker
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