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Higher Ed Gets a 360 Degree View of the Future with HEDA

By March 7, 2016

Cross-posted from EMS Consulting

By: Shane Jay Hayes

EMS Consulting is excited about the launch of’s Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA). HEDA brings with it the type of data standardization that our clients need and have been asking for. This latest innovation from will help reduce costs for the end user and accelerate innovation for Salesforce Partners.

Salesforce is the leading CRM for Higher Education both in usage and in innovation, and HEDA is yet another remarkable tool designed to set industry standards and enhance customer success.

Example of HEDAHEDA is the key to the Connected Campus and allows our customers to gain a 360 view of the student journeys and it enables them to engage with their students in exciting new ways.

Currently, a single individual can often be linked to a campus in a number of ways. How to document those connections and maintain data quality has always been a challenge. From prospect to student, from alumni to donor, Higher Ed organizations needed a way to track the different stages of the individual journey, which is now possible with HEDA.

Besides helping institutions innovate faster, HEDA helps with some of our most common use cases. One such example includes a University that has students and alumni that they contact for their Entrepreneur Programs. Many times, students and alumni are associated with one or more companies through the Program. The big question here is what to do with the contact? Do universities create the contact several times so they could be related to each Account? Do they create custom objects and build out a potentially expensive way to link them together? Neither was a great option. Thankfully, HEDA allows use case worries like the one mentioned above to be worries of the past. Now, institutions have a data standard to architect important information.

HEDA will save a lot of time, money and frustration for so many Universities across the Salesforce platform. HEDA will make implementation faster, and it will save the organization’s time by providing a standard data model to work from. Here at EMS Consulting, we cannot wait to implement HEDA and see the many successes it is sure to produce for all of our customers!

Learn more about HEDA by watching the webinar recording introducing HEDA.

Watch HEDA Webinar Recording