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Good-For-You New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 in Higher Ed

By January 2, 2020

Celebrating success with New Year’s resolutions

It’s the beginning of a new decade! This year, fill your resolution checklist with intentional, good-for-you goals. Make 2020 the year that you invest in yourself! We all know that change is hard, but worth it. Try out our four helpful tips to create lifelong learning habits, build a reflection practice and find meaningful connections to your community. A little planning, the right tools, and the support of your community are just what you need to stay on top of your goals all year.

1. Get curious and stay motivated


It’s been said that the brain is like a muscle that needs regular exercise. Learning is a great way to strengthen neural connections and keep your brain healthy and strong. Further, research shows that learning increases overall happiness and motivation. That’s right, building a practice of lifelong learning into your everyday routine can improve satisfaction and keep us on track.

Our recommendation: Be a student every day. Set aside 30 minutes on your calendar every day and learn something new. A great way to kickstart your learning journey is through Trailhead! Trailhead content is self-serve: Whenever you want to learn something new, Trailhead is at your fingertips. Check out trails and modules specific to your role, skill-up in new products or learn about the Sustainable Development Goals. Higher-ed readers – try out our new trail: Achieve Advancement Goals with Education Cloud launched in November 2019.

2. Learn something about AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in the news these days. But what does it mean for higher education? In this Demystifying AI Digital Magazine, you can learn about a brief history of AI, what it is and isn’t, and recommendations on embedding values in tech and how to enable ethical use of AI in higher ed. We also have some fun master classes on AI and Recruiting & Admissions, Student Success/Advising, and Advancement.

3. Reflect on how far you’ve come

Try something radical this year and throw out the ‘New Year, New You’ sentiment. Adopt a growth mindset and acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished in the past year by establishing an intentional practice of reflection. There are important benefits in regular reflection (particularly in the workplace), including increases self-efficacy, resilience and confidence in risk-taking.

Our recommendation: Start the year by assessing how well you are meeting student needs.
Are you fully serving your students, and how do you know? Collect student feedback either through a survey or focus groups, work together and keep students at the center of our work. Mark your calendars every quarter to regroup and reflect on your progress.

Take the time at the top of the year to also reflect on the overall success of your Salesforce org. How’s the overall health and organization of your org? Are you fully optimized? Check out our Healthy Org Workbook for helpful activities and exercises to get you started.

4. Make this a year of service


It’s no secret that community service has a resounding impact, both on the volunteer and the community. As professionals with competing priorities, it can be challenging to find the time. But, taking time out of your day to serve others boosts mental and physical health, reduces stress, keeps you stimulated and focused and builds meaningful connections to community. Also, applying your professional skills to new contexts strengthens your expertise and motivation.

Our recommendation: Choose one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced at the United Nations in 2015, and take action! Make it a school-wide initiative and invite students and staff to step into the community and commit to helping solve the world’s most pervasive problems.

You might also consider doubling down by pairing your learning and service goals! Become a Salesforce Admin and donate your time to nonprofits and education institutions on specific projects designed to advance the SDGs. Skill up with this helpful trail on the pro-bono basics and amplify your impact by finding a project that matches your skillset.

2020 is here and we know that you are ready to crush all of your good-for-you goals! Head to the Power of Us Hub for some extra accountability! Share your resolutions with your fellow higher education peers with the hashtag #2020Goals.

About the Author

Jenna Ross

Jenna Ross is a Success Content Specialist and focuses on building helpful resources for education customers, including webinars, workbooks and blogs. Jenna has 10 years of experience advancing K-12 education both in the classroom and with nonprofits. A previous Salesforce customer, Jenna is passionate about the value of Salesforce tools (in the hands of thoughtful, dedicated people) to transform the education space.