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Giving Tuesday Strategies for Fundraising Success

By November 1, 2021

Many nonprofits are now deep in the throes of end-of-year planning. Whether you’re building a strategy or tweaking your systems, polishing your marketing communications and crafting your ‘ask’, we hope you feel ready to make the most of the giving season. If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry! It’s not too late, you can download our latest eBook to help you prepare.

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As you’re preparing for the end-of-year giving season, remember to focus on your data, plan your message, and make giving easy.

Nonprofits see success when they prepare thoroughly and can respond quickly to what’s happening in the moment. As you’re preparing for the end-of-year giving season, remember to focus on your data, plan your message, and make giving easy. To make the most of the moment, take some time to ensure your data, systems, and marketing campaigns are set up correctly, giving your staff plenty of time to test and iterate for success.

If we’ve learned anything from this past year, it’s that agility is the key to impact. Forced to adapt during the pandemic, many organizations made a shift to a digital strategy for the first time, continuing their mission-critical work while making impressive pivots to achieve new and better results for their communities.

In this post, we’ll highlight four partners that offer digital strategies that can be applied to your end-of-year fundraising campaigns with Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising.

Streamlined Digital Payments: Classy

“We found that focusing on and leveraging Classy platform tools and fundraising strategies helped boost our Giving Tuesday results on one of (if not the most) competitive fundraising days of the year! We gained so much traction and raised so much more by really making the best use of Classy’s services.” – Caroline Fiore, Development Manager, Farm Aid

This year, nonprofits are still fundraising in a hybrid environment, with a continued focus on developing strong online donation experiences. Donors expect a modern and straightforward donation process that mimics a checkout page, just like their favorite e-commerce brands. To drive conversions and boost revenue, fundraising professionals need to create campaigns that attract new supporters and prioritize donor experience. The beauty of online fundraising, especially on platforms like Classy, is the ability to offer donors flexible payment options, as opposed to asking supporters to mail a check or input their credit card online. With newer payment options like mobile wallets, ACH, PayPal, and Venmo, organizations across the board see higher conversion rates on their online fundraising campaigns.

Including Giving Tuesday as one piece of a successful year-end fundraising campaign will: 1) reach donors from any device 2) show them precisely what impact their gift will make 3) provide suggested donation amounts 4) offer multiple payment options that meet the needs of any donor, especially if they’re on the go.

Check out Classy’s Giving Tuesday Resource Library, which is filled with resources and tips to leverage online fundraising. In 2020, nonprofits who used Classy’s resources saw five times the volume of Giving Tuesday donations — and now you can, too.

Marketing Automation Tools: Bynder

Automation, segmentation, and personalization are key tools in the digital marketer’s toolbox. Bynder’s digital asset management platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, and maximize the impact of marketing assets. Managing digital assets in a single location allows organizations to more effectively execute personalization at scale, while ensuring brand consistency.

Connecting Bynder to Marketing Cloud lets organizations of all sizes interact with a growing number of supporters in a personalized, consistent way. Centralizing all of your branding and campaign content for Giving Tuesday in one integrated system makes assets easy to find, use, and re-use for the most impact.

See how you can maximize your Giving Tuesday fundraising impact with the Bynder Connector for Marketing Cloud. Schedule a demo with one of our experts so we can show you more.

Live Events with Video Conferencing: Blackthorn Events

Fundraisers working in hybrid environments need to consider how the donor experience translates online. By creating engaging real life and digital Giving Tuesday experiences for members and donors, you can kick off the giving season strong.

With Blackthorn’s Events and Donations Apps, nonprofits can connect with members and donors through virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, while making it easy to support their cause and give online.

Blackthorn allows you to easily create and launch registration pages for events, accept gifts during event registration through online forms, and report on all of your Giving Tuesday data using Salesforce reports and dashboards. Remove barriers that suck up time and resources, and build your member and donor bases with Blackthorn, built for Salesforce.

With Blackthorn, you can empower your internal staff and volunteer teams to create engaging events instead of dealing with the technical logistics, learn how to grow engagement and community connection for hybrid events, and make it easy for members and donors to give to your cause by collecting donations right from your webpage in one click.

Blackthorn Events & Donations helps you focus more on your donors, and less on your processes. Talk to an expert about how Blackthorn can help you maximize Giving Tuesday.

Data Analytics: WealthEngine

In the era of big data, the insights drawn from data analytics can give fundraisers an edge. The WealthEngine app for Salesforce empowers nonprofits to leverage wealth insights through a simplified approach for strategic donor segmentation and scoring for Giving Tuesday and beyond.

WealthEngine automatically screens and scores new donors, scored against their best donor models (no more manual excel files). Then the potential donors are routed appropriately (assigned to geo-territory major gift officers, put into digital outreach campaigns, etc.) within your organization’s Salesforce instance for optimized engagement and cultivation.

During Giving Tuesday, nonprofits should strive to increase gift sizes and enrich their relationships across all donor levels, as it’s a prime opportunity to re-engage with previous donors. An organization’s internal data, paired with WealthEngine’s scoring, can segment your donor base by their true propensity to give and direct them to campaigns with suggested donations that best match their giving capacity.

The WealthEngine app infuses wealth intelligence into a nonprofit organization’s existing workflows, providing an enhanced view of donor intelligence and an amplified Giving Tuesday fundraising effort. Learn more about how the WealthEngine Salesforce app can bolster your fundraising strategy.

It’s never too early to plan, strategize, and refine your end-of-year giving campaigns. The four tactics outlined above — streamlined payments, marketing automation, hybrid events, and data analytics — will give you a solid base for building your end-of-year campaigns.

Learn more from our end-of-year fundraising series: 5 Ways to Weave Digital Into End-of-Year Giving, 3 Ways to Build Donor Trust and 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prepare for End-of-Year Giving or watch our latest webinar.

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Shirin Birjandi, Sr. Manager, ISV Partner Success at
Shirin Birjandi
Sr. Manager, ISV Partner Success at
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