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Giving Back at Osaka Family Day

By July 21, 2016

By: Nobuto Taniguchi –  Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce

On May 28th Salesforce Japan organized a “Salesforce Family Day” in Hotel Lodge Maishima in Osaka for employees to show gratitude to family members for their continuous support. The event also involved volunteering and giving back as a group – we were delighted to have over 30 employees and their families take part on the day.

Volunteering Osaka

This was the second time we organized this event after last year’s success, and it gave many families the chance to reunite with each other, as well as welcoming new employees and family members and growing our circle. Kids also had their share of fun during the barbecue and bingo games.

去る5/28、大阪の舞洲にあるホテル・ロッジ舞洲にて、Salesforce Family Dayを開催致しました。日頃、社員の仕事をサポートしてくれる家族への感謝の気持ちを表し、また、家族と一緒に社会貢献活動に取り組むことを目的として開かれたこの会には、30名を超える社員とその家族が参加しました。


Giving Back

On the day, we encouraged the families to bring any items that they were willing to donate as part of our giving back activity. They exchanged books, DVDs and games amongst each other, as well as donating them through our nonprofit partner, Chance for Children. We were able to collect 40 items, including picture books, business books and games, which would be assessed through Chance for Children’s program and also donated as educational vouchers for children/family with financial needs.

A big thank you to all employees and their families who took part on the day. We are planning to have the opportunity to give back to the community in more of our future events.


また同時に、家族と一緒に不要になった物品を持ち寄り寄付する活動にも取り組みました。参加者がそれぞれ持ち寄った古本やゲーム、DVDをその場で交換し、一部を1-1-1パートナーのChance for Childrenへ寄付しました。子どもたちが大切に読んだ絵本や、社員のビジネススキル向上に役立てられたビジネス書など多様な本、ゲーム等合計40点集まり、これらは査定後に寄付金として、経済的な困難を抱える子どもたち向けの学校外教育バウチャーを提供するChance for Childrenの活動に役立てられます。



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