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Giving Back is Contagious

By May 7, 2015

What’s so great about Salesforce’s philanthropic model is that it inspires other companies to give back too. Increasingly, we receive stories about how our partners are giving time, money and resources to help nonprofits and communities around them, some going as far as to adopt the 1-1-1 model; a unique philanthropic model Marc Benioff established when he founded Salesforce.

Pracedo is one such company, and a great example of how giving back can truly enrich a corporate culture. Having adopted the 1-1-1 model, Pracedo has pledged to devote 1% of company equity, 1% of company product, and 1% of company time to the social sector.

Last week Pracedo hosted the first of many complimentary Salesforce1 workshops for nonprofits, with attendees including First Give UK, Homeless Link, UNHCR, Adviza, and Rainbow Hamlets.

Pracedo’s product is its consultancy service and as such provides these workshops as a means to share 1% of its product with the nonprofit community. Hosting these workshops give nonprofits access to expertise they might otherwise not be able to afford, and it gives Pracedo’s team the chance to learn more about nonprofits and use their skills in a new context, all while doing good.

Workshop - pro bono 1-1-1

“We invited our non-profit customers for a complimentary workshop as part of our commitment to pledge 1% of our company produce to the social sector. We really enjoy working with non-profits because of their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, and because of the impact they have on the community. As a business, this is just one way that we can give back; using our skills and experience to support organisations on the front-lines. And as an added benefit, it was a good reason to have some pizza and beer after work!” Kristin Schutz, Marketing and Nonprofit Consultant at Pracedo.

Interested in learning more about 1-1-1 and how you can Pledge? Check out this page: