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Fundraising Through Salesforce Communities

By December 29, 2014

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The Challenge

With the number of registered charities on the up, JustGiving started looking for a solution that would facilitate and speed up the application process for charities, and lower the time and cost taken internally to vet and onboard these charities.

To achieve this, JustGiving had to overcome three obstacles:

  • How can they reduce the time to sign- up a charity and therefore empower new charities to complete the process of signing up?
  • How can JustGiving provide a near paperless and quick solution for internal users in order to cut down time and costs of vetting and onboarding new charities?
  • How can the new solution integrate to JustGiving’s existing website and provide single sign-on across the whole application process to guarantee a better user experience?

The Solution

Tquila implemented a branded and completely customised Salesforce Customer Community. The community focuses on initiating the sign-up process through JustGiving’s website and walks the user through every step required. Tquila did this through:

  • Integration between JustGiving’s existing website and Salesforce Communities which means data can be entered into Salesforce through the interface of a fully customised and user friendly community, providing JustGiving with all the data and information needed, and making it easier for charities to sign up
  • Creation of a wizard for a seamless and secure online sign-up experience for charities in order to save them a lot of time and hassle to get going
  • The wizard also replaces the paper process that used to take up to a month to complete and required third party processing, so reduces processing time and costs
  • Provision of metrics to help JustGiving identify the pain points of signing up, allowing them to guarantee a seamless experience for charities

The Results

  • The sign-up process for charities can now be completed in a number of hours or days instead of taking up a month
  • JustGiving no longer needs to hire a third party vendor to process charity applications
  • Internal administration for charity sign-up is lowered dramatically meaning less time and money needs to be spent to onboard new charities

“Not only has Tquila delivered the solution for our on-boarding requirements, in using the Salesforce ecosystem they have opened up opportunities to further improve engagement with our charity clients and other partners in innovative and revolutionary ways.” Richard Atkinson, CIO, JustGiving

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