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Frontline – improving the delivery of training programmes with Salesforce

By August 31, 2015

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Frontline LogoNot for profit start-up, Frontline, is managing the delivery of their Social Worker Leadership training Programme using Salesforce to capture, track and report on their operational data.

“The information extracted from the system is providing instant answers to important questions and this is helping the management team measure the effectiveness and impact of the Programme. These insights have led to significant Programme re-designs and greater clarity of job roles within the team.” Josh MacAllister, Founder and CEO, Frontline

Frontline has developed a two-year leadership development programme that trains outstanding individuals to become social workers in child protection. With a small team and an evolving set of requirements, Frontline needed a solution that was quick to implement and easy to modify as the needs of the organisation evolved.

The Challenge

With the inaugural cohort of c.100 Participants, 27 Mentors, 3 In House Managers and numerous other parties involved in the development programme, the Programme Delivery team were presented with some challenges:

High volume of data processing – the Programme involved a number of manual time consuming processes such as collecting, storing and compiling feedback from Programme Participants, Mentors, Academic Tutors and In House Managers. These processes needed to be automated. To add further complexity, the Mentors, Academic Tutors and Managers operate in a matrix arrangement rather than through simple line management hierarchies.

A constantly evolving Programme – given the evolving nature of the organisation and Programme requirements, the solution needed to be easy to amend as changes and refinements become necessary.

Easy reporting and visibility – the sheer volume of data being collected during programme delivery made answering simple operational questions about Participant performance and satisfaction impossible. Frontline needed visibility and reporting at a press of a button.

How to support growth – Frontline has ambitions to grow the Programme, and wanted a solution that could cope with a larger number of Participants and could easily be extended without requiring any significant re-build.

The Solution

Salesforce Partner, Rephrase introduced Frontline to Liberate, a solution that works in conjunction with the world renowned Salesforce platform. By engaging in a collaborative analysis and design process with the Frontline Programme team, Rephrase was able to deliver a solution in a short timeframe that is automating manual tasks and streamlining labour intensive processes: A tailored solution – a database framework that was designed, tested and refined to match Frontline’s precise requirements, ensuring that information was always available in one or two clicks.

Online forms – to eliminate the need for tedious manual data entry. Satisfaction and assessment data, Participant feedback and Mentor caseload data is captured online from the respondents, saved directly into the system and automatically linked to relevant records.

Frontline are capturing responses from over 250 people each month in this way.

Reporting insights – reports that pull the latest data from the system and highlight key operational metrics such as case loads and Programme satisfaction are available on demand.

Key Benefits

Liberate has quickly become the backbone of Programme delivery and the team have grown to rely on the system for its ability to pick up many of their day to day tasks. They have seen some real, quantifiable benefits from the solution:

Valuable insights – the information extracted from the system is providing instant answers to important questions and this is helping the management team measure the effectiveness and impact of the Programme. These insights have led to significant Programme re-designs and greater clarity of job roles within the team.

Saved time – routine and time consuming aspects of programme delivery are now handled automatically freeing up time for strategic development.

Centralised information and reporting – team members can view all Participant information on a single screen. A Participant’s journey through the Programme can now be easily viewed and reported on. This has helped Frontline in its internal assessment and in reporting to Programme funders and partners.

Elimination of paperwork and spreadsheets – a significant benefit of using Liberate is its ability to capture feedback via online forms and store the responses in the system thus entirely eliminating the need to manually re-enter data from paper into spreadsheets.

rephraseAbout Rephrase:

Rephrase is a Salesforce consultancy that focuses on saving organisations time and money by streamlining and automating routine processes that drive meaningful insights, centralising information into a common database and creating systems tailored to the needs of each client.