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Eureka! Strikes Gold with the Nonprofit Success Pack

By October 21, 2016

By: Jillian Garcia Weisberg, Senior Solutions Advisor, ECHO

It’s lean and mean, we’re so excited that the Nonprofit Success Pack is on the scene! is doubling down on its support of the nonprofit community, providing enhanced and evolving features to turbocharge operations and maximize impact.

By now, it’s well-known that the effective use of technology is key to the success of nonprofits, from boosting fundraising ROI to optimizing program delivery. Salesforce has emerged as a powerful platform that’s transforming the way nonprofits achieve their missions…Perhaps equally important is that Salesforce the company champions its social impact and not-for-profit organizations via, which provides technology, people and resources to help these organizations leverage best-of-breed CRM technology to further their goals. Salesforce has demonstrated its commitment to the nonprofit world through it’s 1-1-1 model and now is taking that commitment one step farther with the announcement of the Nonprofit Success Pack.

The Nonprofit Success Pack is driven by the user community and is open source, a powerful combination that means it will evolve to meet the needs of nonprofits while retaining the flexibility necessary to best support the unique processes of each organization. Whether it’s Engagement Plans for moves management or robust functionality for matching gifts, a steady stream of new features based on what nonprofits need to streamline their operations shows the commitment from and the community towards keeping the Nonprofit Success Pack dynamic and relevant. Because the code is open and developed to stay true to the core architecture of Salesforce, organizations have the ability to implement the features most relevant to them, connect to best-of-breed apps on the App Exchange and freely customize the system further to meet their specific needs.

At ECHO, we’ve long recommended Salesforce as the CRM of choice for our clients. With the announcement of the Nonprofit Success Pack and its mighty mix of out-of-the-box features and endless potential for custom development, we can’t wait to see what kind of positive difference we can help our nonprofit clients make both internally and around the world.

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