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Enabling the Lighting Experience

By November 6, 2015

One Admins Experience of Setting Up and Enabling the Lighting Experience in Her Sandbox – Winter 2016

By: Jace Bryan, Salesforce Administrator at Texas A&M University-Commerce, TX

A short but sweet interlude from a Higher Ed Salesforce Admin…

LightningThere are many reasons we question things in Higher Education. Sometimes we question things because they seem totally outrageous, are radically different than what we are used to, conflict with our existing processes or worse – they shed light on the unique culture that sometimes prevents us from doing what is right vs. what is popular. Then you throw in politics, a small budget, very lean resources, and a misunderstood vision with well-meaning intentions. In the end you suffer from either a lack of approval and buy in (stalemate if you will) or you end up with a small, yet dedicated group who will press on.

Download this document to explore this Higher Ed Salesforce admin’s journey with the 2016 Release of the Lightning Experience. This document is dedicated to all you Salesforce Admins out there (Higher Ed or other) who wish to question the Lightning Experience by fully immersing yourself in the early phases in order to help your teams, users and customers prepare to enable the Lightning Experience.

Riding the LightningAnd here is a small shout-out to Metallica. You ROCK. Here is your Trailhead Badge:

Download: 1 Admins Experience of Setting Up & Enabling the Lighting Experience