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Education Empowered Podcast: Democratizing AI with Taylor University

By Rachel Greenfield March 22, 2019

AI for Good

Today we’re launching the pilot episode of Education Empowered, our very first higher ed podcast, as part of’s AI for Good Week! In this first series, we’ll be talking with Trailblazing customers about all things AI and intelligence. This is the first pilot of many podcasts to come, so make sure to listen to this first episode and be on the lookout for more great audio stories from!

In our very first episode of Education Empowered, we’re kicking things off with an exciting interview with Nathan Baker, Director of Recruitment and Analytics at Taylor University. In addition to using Einstein Analytics to capture intelligent insights across the recruiting and admissions funnel, Nathan also teaches a class on Salesforce so students can enter the workforce with a competitive skill set under their belts. We were lucky enough to hear from one of Nathan’s students on the episode. Alex Hunter, a current senior at Taylor University, shares his experience learning Salesforce and how he was able to land a job in the Salesforce ecosystem thanks to his knowledge of Einstein Analytics.

Education Empowered: Democratizing AI with Taylor University

In the pilot episode, you’ll hear hosts Jason Belland and Haley Gould chat with our Taylor University guests about the ethical use of AI across higher ed, how Einstein Analytics is being used at Taylor University, and how institutions can use Salesforce to prepare students for the future of work.

Make sure to listen to the full episode and be on the lookout for even more from our first series on AI and intelligence. In the meantime, check out a few takeaways from our conversation with Nathan and Alex below:

Supercharging Admissions & Enrollment with Einstein

“What gets me the most excited about Einstein is that it can help me look at data so that I can ask questions and find out things I don’t already know.” – Nathan Baker, Taylor University

Nathan shares why Taylor University shifted their recruiting model and how Einstein Analytics is being leveraged to capture key metrics across the recruiting and admissions funnel. As the Director of Recruitment and Analytics, Nathan offers a unique perspective on how AI can be used for predictive insights and strategic planning for each recruiting cycle.

The Ethical Use of Data Across the Student Lifecycle

“With the ethical use of data, it’s important to remember that the data itself is just a tool for which we can tell part of a story for each student, not the totality of their story.” – Nathan Baker, Taylor University

Nathan lends his perspective on the the ethical of use of data across the student lifecycle and how institutions can start to have conversations about this topic within the context of AI. Jason and Haley also speak to how their organizations are engaging in this discussion, including insights from the Office of Ethical and Humane Use at Salesforce as well as how Michigan State is thinking about this topic on campus.

Empowering Students with Salesforce Skills

“Gaining the hands on experience with a CRM has been incredibly marketable. It’s been able to help set me apart from other people searching for jobs. In almost every single one of my interviews without fail, the very first thing they would point out is my Salesforce experience.” – Alex Hunter, current Taylor University student

Alex shares his experience learning Salesforce as an undergraduate student and how he’s been able to leverage his skill set to stand out in the job market. With a dedicated class and data analytics team comprised of students, Taylor University has been able to democratize AI by creating a space for both students and staff to learn, leverage and scale their use of Salesforce.

For more, make sure to check out our new AI for Good Week content for Higher Ed!

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