Dreamforce Reflections: Highlights from Community MVPs

By Salesforce.org | November 21, 2018 | Dreamforce, Education, Higher Education, Nonprofit, Power of Us Hub

Salesforce events are great ways to reconnect with friends and meet the community!
Salesforce events are great ways to reconnect with friends and meet the community!

Dreamforce 2018 has come and gone, but the memories are here to stay! We asked three MVPs from the Power of Us Hub to reflect on their experiences at #DF18. Here’s what they had to say:

What were the top Dreamforce sessions you attended this year?

Adam Kramer, Salesforce MVP at a large nonprofit: I enjoyed the “True to the Core” session. It was great to hear Parker Harris and Bret Taylor really commit to changing the Idea Exchange and let the voices of Salesforce customers mean more in roadmap development. It sounds like they will be communicating more about the complexity of the ideas and have more transparency in general. I can’t wait to see the next iteration of the Idea Exchange!

Steve Molis, Salesforce Consultant: I also enjoyed “True to the Core” – especially the Salesforce Reads Mean Tweets video! I thought it was great to see Salesforce take ownership and address the issues with the current Idea Exchange. I also thought Mark Ross gave an incredible presentation during Amplify Your User Experience with Lightning and Flow. And I enjoyed Salesforce Reports Roadmap: The Future of Salesforce Reporting. The Lighting Report Builder is AWESOME and there are going to be some incredible new report features in upcoming Salesforce releases.

Corey Snow, CRM Strategist and Solution Architect, Harvard University: I was grateful to have the opportunity to host a Campfire session “Unleash your Salesforce Superpowers to support a cause!” Many in our community use their professional skills to do much good. Our assembly of rockstar Salesforce MVPs and Community Leaders each found a unique way to give back, demonstrating how everyone in our #ohana has something amazing to contribute!

Community superheroes in action!
Community superheroes in action!

On the Higher Ed side, I was thrilled to have the chance to moderate a panel “Ivy Throwdown! Enterprise CRM strategies for Federated Research Institutions” with some Trailblazer colleagues. Our panelists shared the trials, tribulations, and triumphs along their Salesforce journeys.There was so much collective wisdom assembled in one place!

I also really enjoyed hosting Roundtables with Salesforce.org. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to share and learn around some of my favorite topics. Community-sourced learning is the best kind, and it is this pay-it-forward ethos that makes our community unique and unprecedented. The community is the platform!

What were your most valuable takeaways from Dreamforce?

Kramer: Einstein Voice is really going to increase productivity for mobile users. I’ve been struggling with getting my users to adopt mobile, and I think this new functionality will bring them over the edge and start using it more. Also, Lightning is here to stay. If you are not using Lightning, you are really missing out. Last Dreamforce is really when I came to this realization, but this year you couldn’t even really see signs of Classic anywhere.

Molis: I agree – you have to get on Lightning…like NOW! Also, at every Dreamforce I am just reminded of how amazing the the Salesforce Ohana is.

Sarah Asher discusses Einstein Prediction Builder

Sarah Asher discusses Einstein Prediction Builder

Snow: For me a valuable takeaway is that Prediction Builder is coming! The Higher Ed Advisory Council got a sneak peek at Prediction Builder with Sarah Asher. This is the “AI for the Everyday Admin” that everyone has been waiting for. AI will increasingly move from “Artificial” to “Augmented” and “Ambient” Intelligence.

Also, the Integration Cloud is poised to change the game! I was fortunate to experience an advanced conceptual peek at what is being developed, and was really impressed. The promise here is for democratizing data integrations in the same way that the core Salesforce platform democratized the relational database.

What other Dreamforce experiences stand out for you?

Kramer: Wandering around the Admin Meadow and Developer Forest and seeing so many people from the nonprofit community. In past years I’ve noticed nonprofit people tend to stick to the Salesforce.org lodge, but this year I was impressed with how many were exploring other areas of Dreamforce and getting great information from other areas.

Molis: For me it was being picked to compete in a dance-off on stage at the Macklemore concert at the Quip Party (spoiler alert: I did not win). Then Macklemore borrowed my jacket and crowd-surfed in it! Also, being serenaded by Gina Szafraniec singing “Wind Beneath my Wings” to a photo of my Community Avatar at the #AwesomeAdmin Lip Sync Battle was pretty great.

Corey Snow and unicorn Charlie Isaacs

Corey Snow and unicorn Charlie Isaacs

Snow: The best Dreamforce experiences for me always involve connecting and reconnecting with all of the remarkable people in our community! It was especially great to spend time with the Higher Ed Advisory Council. They are the best innovator/instigator colleagues anyone could ask for and are changing the game for education and doing so much good in the world! I also enjoyed catching up and having meaningful conversations with friends at the Salesforce.org reception.

Higher Ed Council
The amazing folks on the Higher Ed Advisory Council

What’s next for you? Are you taking anything you learned at Dreamforce and incorporating it into your work currently?

Kramer: Not quite yet but as soon as Lightning Voice is enabled I will start putting those features to the test.

Molis: I will be migrating my org to Lightning ASAP and automating processes in Process Builder and Flow instead of Workflows.

Snow: All of this inspiration and innovation re-energizes my mission to transform how we all experience education via CRM technology! The #DF18 goodness will continue for months to come with meetups and new collaborations all across the #ohana! Already looking forward to #DF19!

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