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[DOT org London] June Sarpong: Diversify for Greater Success

By August 23, 2019

June Sarpong

We’re thrilled to announce June Sarpong MBE as our closing keynote speaker at our first DOT org London. Read on to discover more about the event and how the power of diversity and inclusion can help future-proof your organisation while changing society for the better. 

Social attitudes are shifting. Boundaries are disappearing. Marginalised people are speaking out. Embracing diversity and equality is not just the right thing to do; it’s a great thing to do for your organisation and society as a whole. 

Nonprofits are uniquely placed to bridge the gap between the corporate world and those who have been excluded. Often the first point of contact for people from disenfranchised groups, nonprofits are already helping to blaze a trail in diversity. But the journey is only just beginning.

Join us and June Sarpong at the DOT org conference in London to find out how your organisation could build stronger teams and get a broader perspective by embracing greater diversity. “We need to have an open dialogue around the issues we’re facing as a society and work together to make nonprofits more sustainable, inclusive, and successful,” says the presenter and social entrepreneur. 

June’s 20-year career has seen her become one of the most recognisable faces on British television, and she’s used that platform to discuss everything from politics to pop stars. She’s worked with the UN, campaigned for gender equality, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Nelson Mandela in the fight against poverty, and was the youngest person ever to receive an MBE in 2007.

Nelson Mandela

Her latest book, Diversify: Six Degrees of Integration, looks at the social and economic benefits of embracing diversity. “Studies have shown that the best performing teams are not the most intelligent; they’re the teams with the best gender parity,” said June. “When an organisation embraces diversity in the workforce, the benefits can be exponential.”

At DOT org London, you’ll be able to meet people who understand the challenges and opportunities of working in the nonprofit sector and share ideas with thought leaders, technology partners, and the team. From roundtables to breakout sessions, we’ll be hosting a full day of inspirational learning on topics as diverse as empowering teams, leveraging new technologies, and transforming operations. 

June will be one of many inspirational speakers at the conference. “I’m super excited to engage with the nonprofits that are making a difference and helping to move society forward in the right direction,” said June. “Equality and diversity are core Salesforce values, and it uses its position as one of the biggest companies in the world to give back to society.”

Make sure you don’t miss out on hearing June’s keynote and connecting with other nonprofits. Learn more and register here to join us at DOT org London 2019 on Wednesday 2nd October. Tickets are limited and selling fast!