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Community Hero Sam Dorman

By August 27, 2014

“We’re all pushing different boundaries with the technology, so it’s been super valuable to get the benefit of other people’s experience rather than having to leap off every cliff solo!”
– Sam Dorman

We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Power of Us HUB by recognizing 30 community members who have been instrumental in supporting the growing community of nonprofit and higher ed Salesforce users.

Sam DormanToday’s community hero is Sam Dorman (@samdorman), independent consultant and international rap star. Truthfully, the Power of Us HUB would not exist without Sam. In late 2012, the Foundation hired Sam to check our assumptions about customer needs through a targeted survey and focus groups. We shared his results through two blogs (4 Key Challenges NPO’s Face When Implementing Salesforce and Nonprofit Study Results: The One Solution Everyone Seems to Want). That work, combined with his passion for the project, helped our leadership team make the commitment to building a community platform for our customers. Ever since, Sam has been by our side offering advice, sharing best practices, cheerleading, and participating in the HUB. He is also the author of our first Playbook in the HUB – the Getting Started Playbook – which you can access via the link below. For keeping it real – ie keeping us focused on community and the member/user experience – Sam, we say THANK YOU!

Who are you (in 250 words or less)?

“I help nonprofits deliver successful technology that actually works for people.”

How long have you been working with Salesforce products?
“Since 2008.”

What quick tip would you give someone getting started with Salesforce?
“Check out the Getting Ready Playbook!

As a thank-you for all Sam has done for the community over the last year, the Foundation is donating $250 to a nonprofit of his choosing.

Connect with Sam in the Power of Us HUB