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CloudFocus Weekly Podcast – Let’s Go NGO

By June 23, 2016

By: Justin Edelstein & Jason Atwood

CloudFocus Weekly PodcastArkus breaks the mold of consultancy from expensive, time consuming, and the culture of throwing bodies at problems to that of one based in agility, productivity, education and execution. Our clients are our best marketing effort, where success is the ultimate goal. Replacing the traditional role of a consultant with a model of partnership, flexibility, enablement and education.

CloudFocus Weekly is a weekly show covering the latest cloud computing news, Salesforce happenings and events. If it is happening in the cloud we are focused on it. Don’t miss the CloudFocus App Pick of the Week at the end over every show.

In this episode we will cover the following topics:
1. Community & Power of Us Hub

  • What is Power of Us Hub?
  • Who can participate?
  • Why would I participate?
  • Best/Favorite Groups?

2. Nonprofit Trail on Trailhead
3. Arkus & Pledge 1%

  • Time donation – Pro Bono days in NYC
  • Product donation – Discounted rate for qualifying NGOs

4. Dreamforce – October 4-7 in San Francisco, CA

  • Discounted rate at Registration of $400 using promo code D16NP400FS
  • presense at the conference

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