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Celebrating National Social-Emotional Learning Day

By Barb Smeltzer March 23, 2023

On March 10 we celebrated SEL Day with schools and communities around the world, shining a light on the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL).

SEL focuses on helping students and young people develop social-emotional skills that will benefit them through all areas of life, including developing empathy, practicing self-regulation, reducing bullying, and building resilience and self-confidence.The benefits of SEL for young people follow them into adulthood. According to CASEL (Collaborative for Academic and Social, Emotional Learning), when students have supportive relationships and opportunities to develop and practice social, emotional, and cognitive skills across many different contexts, academic learning accelerates.

Mental Health & SEL

Mental health and resilience go hand in hand with SEL. The pandemic increased the amount of young people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other conditions that affect their overall wellbeing, and how they are able to show up academically and in the workforce.

Salesforce invests in Education and Workforce Development to ensure that young people have job-ready skills and can build meaningful careers. Our support includes a commitment to mental health and wellbeing, as we know it is critical to meet the fundamental needs of young people so that they can show up and be successful in school and work.

“Mental health is one of the biggest challenges facing schools today. It’s critical to provide students with resources to increase their likelihood of success in the classroom and future opportunities. That’s why we are doubling down on our investments in organizations that are leaders in mental health programming for educators and students,” said Ron Smith, VP of Philanthropy, Salesforce. 

Partnerships that Promote Mental Health Awareness

One of the organizations that we partner with is Bring Change to Mind. Our funding supports Bring Change to Mind’s creation of high school clubs across New York and California that are led by young people, for young people, with the goal of increasing mental health awareness, ending the stigmatization around mental health conversations, and promoting access to help-seeking behaviors among teens. 

Taylor, a Bring Change to Mind member and student at Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose, California, knows firsthand the benefit of being part of a community of care. “Mental health awareness brings a sense of relatability to me,” Taylor said. “As someone with social anxiety, I understand how it feels to be distant, to be unheard. I strive to create a sense of belonging amongst my peers. I want to ensure that people know of the resources available for treatment because these resources and therapy options have helped improve my self-esteem and social confidence.”

Taylor, 17, Bring Change to Mind member and Evergreen Valley High School student

We are continuing to partner with organizations that are addressing the needs of young people in the classroom and in the community. In this current world of uncertainty and instability, it will take a village of support to help young people thrive and flourish. SEL and mental health awareness are steps along the way to build a better future for all. 

For more information: 

  • Check out the Salesforce Foundation website.
  • Check out the Bring Change to Mind website.
  • Learn more about SEL with CASEL.