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How AWS and Help Nonprofits and Education Institutions Improve Data Management

By Rob Acker April 15, 2021

In a success-from-anywhere world, data is currency. But for mission-driven organizations, data is more than numbers; it is the story of their impact. For nonprofits and education institutions, data represents donors, grants, volunteers, students, faculty, staff, and the impact they are driving. It represents people who are making measurable differences in communities and those whose lives are being changed. 

In the global shift to digital over the past year, there’s now more data to protect and manage.  While more data presents great opportunity, it also comes with new challenges to manage that data and visualize insights.

We are proud that our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps nonprofits and education institutions better manage data and accelerate their impact. Salesforce data can be easily extended to AWS, providing nonprofits and education institutions of all sizes with powerful storage and analytics capabilities.

“Our nonprofit and education customers are looking to extract actionable mission insights from their data, but it can often be challenging to capture, store, and analyze all the data being generated,” said David Keogh, General Manager, Nonprofit Business and Social Impact, AWS. “We are excited to collaborate with to help nonprofits and education institutions leverage their assets in a data lake with Tableau and analytics. Together, and AWS are making setup-to-insights easy to inform better decision-making, accelerate impact, and unlock innovation.”

At Salesforce, trust is our number one value. As our customers are doing some of the most important work in the world to serve their communities, they need reliable and secure technology to protect their data and privacy. We take this responsibility seriously, and we’re committed to partnering with other industry leaders to drive customer success.

Our nonprofit and education customers are in need of highly compliant environments to deal with constituent, donor, volunteer, student, or staff information. With this partnership, Salesforce and AWS offer solutions that allow adherence to even the most stringent customer requirements.

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With this partnership, Salesforce and AWS offer solutions that allow adherence to even the most stringent customer requirements.

With AWS and technology, nonprofits and education institutions can:

  • Manage, enrich, and act on data simply and securely 
  • Easily, quickly, and securely connect their Salesforce org and AWS with Private Connect (AMER only)
  • Visualize data across systems and act on insights with Tableau and AWS
  • Enhance service experiences by integrating cloud telephony and enabling AI-powered recommendations wit Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect

It’s inspiring to see how these solutions are already accelerating impact for our customers. The Urban Institute is using technology together with AWS to accelerate data management and analytics, with industry-leading security.

The Urban Institute’s Insights Depend on Best-in-Class Data Management

The Urban Institute is a Washington, D.C.-based, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to developing evidence-based insights that improve decision making, strengthen communities, and improve people’s lives. 

As a leader in data-driven policy research, the Urban Institute was looking for a solution that would work as a system of engagement and enable the organization to run sophisticated data analytics and microsimulation models with flexibility, speed, and accuracy. 

“All of our work is around data so making sure data is handled in the most transparent, secure way is a top priority,” said Khuloud Odeh, vice president for technology and data science and chief information officer at the Urban Institute. “We found the right partnership with the AWS nonprofit team and Salesforce. Now, our team doesn’t need to spend time maintaining backups or doing other time-consuming processes. We’re confident that our environment in the cloud provides what we need and helps accelerate the impact of our work and how we apply and capitalize on advanced tech to transform how we do policy research and big data analytics.”

Register for Nonprofit Summit on April 21 and Education Summit on June 16 to hear more about how AWS and technology can help your organization accelerate data management.

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Rob Acker, CEO of
Rob leads, a dedicated social impact team at Salesforce working to provide the world’s #1 CRM to the nonprofit, education, and philanthropy sectors. As the world has gone digital first, he and his team focus on delivering technology to help our community go through a digital transformation and maximize social impact.