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Announcing the New End-to-End Fundraising Suite of Products to Deliver Personalized Supporter Experiences

By November 15, 2019

We are excited to announce our commitment to build new technology to help mission-driven organizations raise more resources, with far less effort, at the rapid pace of change in the world today. Our goal with these innovations is to help you fundraise using your data more efficiently and provide meaningful supporter experiences that inspire people to give.

Nonprofits need technology that is simple to use, yet also powerful and connected to scale their fundraising efforts and effectiveness. Our goal with this integrated suite of fundraising products is to help you elevate fundraising and amplify your supporter engagement, in order to raise the money you require to fulfill your mission.

We are building Payment Services, a powerful payments platform to securely connect to your preferred payment provider so that you can manage payments, grow your sustainers, and provide greater transparency to your organization. Giving Pages will be integrated into Payment Services, and will help nonprofits quickly create modern, mobile and most importantly search engine optimized donation forms. Best of all, they are fully aligned with your brand, web properties, and appeals so that supporters have the experience they deserve.

Giving Pages Giving Pages. Actual display may vary.

Our goal is to help you move donors from transactions to lifelong meaningful engagements, yet according to The Fundamentals of Marketing & Engagement Report, 83% of nonprofits agree that they rely heavily on batch and blast email to communicate with constituents.

With Nonprofit Cloud Engagement Hub nonprofits can more easily communicate with supporters, curate giving and volunteer opportunities, and grow their impact on their broader community. It serves up highly personalized experiences for your community and allows constituents to see their giving history with your organization.

Engagement Hub for an individual organization’s community. Actual display may vary.

Of course, all this digital data flows back into the Nonprofit Success Pack. However we know from our 2019 Fundraising Productivity Report, only 26% of nonprofits say they have good data in CRM. We aim to make it easier to capture, manage, drive insight and take action from the sea of data flowing through your organization.

We are building the Insights Platform to empower your organization to use your constituent data easily and distill insights readily. It helps you consolidate data with smart-matching logic, unlocking hundreds of key metrics like likelihood to give, even suggesting dynamic ask amounts, with powerful analysis tools on top of your CRM data that reveal their motivations and behaviors.

These insights help target, segment and better communicate to supporters via the right medium, both for direct mail and to automate personalized digital communications with the right asks. For the first time, you now have your CRM data, data matching and deduping, key performance indicators, and segmentation for direct or digital all on one platform.

Insights Platform Insights Platform. Actual display may vary.

These insights are most helpful when it has all of your data including those direct mail campaign spreadsheets, files from street canvassers, or other 3rd party vendor data. This fall we launched enhancements that help you fluidly import third-party data from flat files or spreadsheets with Batch Data Import (BDI) so that more diverse data sets can be captured, merged, related and analyzed.

These innovations in data import power the new Batch Gift Entry (BGE) to productively enter checks, credit cards, and pledge values inside of the Nonprofit Success Pack, with smarter connections to existing data. Batches will be even faster using the new templates, and a fully revamped interface, which also will be available for entering single gifts.

Learn more with Batch Import, or check out the Data-Driven Fundraising Webinar.

Batch Gift Entry Batch Gift Entry. Actual display may vary.

All this critical donation data will be prepared for your financial systems with Accounting Subledger, which can be configured to meet the needs of your organization’s financial reporting requirements and reconcile all this revenue, processing multi-year gifts, allocations, and more.

We believe nonprofits need better ways to reap benefits from their data with an explosion of digital information in order for development and marketing to make strategic decisions together and engage donors in personal, meaningful ways. With these new products and Marketing Cloud, nonprofits now have an end-to-end fundraising solution that unites your constituent data, from first supporter interaction to building relationships, taking donations, and even ensuring that data flows seamlessly into your financial systems.

Stay tuned for more details on these new products and features. We’ll be sharing more about these products, as well as many more innovations, at Dreamforce. Learn more at Dreamforce on the web, and follow #DF19 on Twitter.

We thank our global nonprofit community and partner ecosystem for working alongside our Nonprofit Cloud product team to ensure these tools are built the way you need. Better tools mean you are more free to pursue your real mission: making a positive impact on your community and the world.

At launch, certain features of Payment Services, Engagement Hub, and Giving Pages may be limited to United States-based customers transacting in U.S. dollars. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other posts or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Salesforce applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. For more information please visit, or call 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE.