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Announcing Education Cloud for K-12

By September 20, 2018

The Connected School Vision: Education Cloud for K-12

Marc Benioff“Your employees are stakeholders, so are your customers, your partners, the communities that you’re in, the homeless that are nearby, your public schools. A company like ours can’t be successful in an unsuccessful economy or in an unsuccessful environment or where the school system doesn’t work. We have to take responsibility for all of those things.”
– Marc Benioff to The New York Times, June 2018

Salesforce and have historically worked closely with K-12 schools, as volunteers, philanthropists, and community stewards. The next step: Education Cloud for K-12.

With Education Cloud, we are moving our Connected School vision forward, helping schools connect their data, systems and stakeholders so that educators, staff and families can work better together to support students. Our mission: to help schools collaborate and gain enterprise-wide efficiencies with a single platform for managing student success, fundraising, engaging families and communities, and processing admissions and enrollment.

Student and School Success, through and beyond K-12

Education Cloud for Education Cloud – first previewed at Higher Ed Summit in March 2018 – is a powerful set of technology solutions, based in part on what we’ve been hearing from the education community, how we see schools customize these solutions, and their support for our collective vision. This technology will help empower institutions of all levels and sizes to provide the best experience they can across the entire student lifecycle. Education Cloud helps break down walls and build relationships across departments to create a 360-degree view of each and every student – driving both student and institutional success.

With Education Cloud, higher ed institutions like Cornell University and the University of Virginia have transformed the student experience by turning data into insight, and insight into action.

Now, Education Cloud for K-12

Education Cloud for K-12 leverages Salesforce technology, the world’s leading CRM platform, to unlock a school’s potential and help streamline critical activities that drive school and student success, including:

Become a Connected K-12 School

Education Cloud for K-12 is being built on our new K-12 Education Data Architecture**. This open-source architecture will be: K-12 Education Data Architecture

  • Built on HEDA, which leverages the capability to manage students and classrooms and also allows for building apps and other customizations within an open environment for ed institutions
  • Aligned to the Ed-Fi® Data Standard, which provides a common set of rules for formatting and organizing data so that education data systems can easily connect to each other. We chose to align to Ed-Fi® because we fundamentally believe that breaking down data silos and enabling data interoperability is key to supporting strong school systems.

Why We’re Working in K-12

We’re serving K-12 to amplify our impact in the world, by amplifying yours. is deeply committed to helping schools and districts because we know that education shapes our collective future, including through our new Future Ready program to advance career opportunities for youth. and Salesforce employees have also contributed more than 3.2 million volunteer hours in the communities where they live and work, and we have given out $220 million in grants so far, to address a broad range of needs, including supporting education. Our core values—Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, and Equality—drive everything we do. That’s why the Power of Us program offers 10 free subscriptions and various discounts to eligible K-12, nonprofit, and higher education customers.

From small private schools to charter networks to large public districts, our K-12 customers are transforming their operations for greater impact.

Our education customers report a 28% increase in funds raised. Additionally:

  • 74% use Salesforce as part of their strategic efforts
  • 86% say Salesforce technology has improved their efficiency
  • 94% say Salesforce solutions help them achieve their mission

Whether you want to get started by improving a single process (such as student enrollment) or to make a more systemic change by moving to an interoperable platform, our dedicated K-12 team and thriving community of trailblazers are here to help you streamline critical functions that support school and student success.


Want to learn more? Get the Salesforce for K-12 Education e-book or contact our dedicated K-12 team. Stay up-to-date on the latest K-12 Education Data Architecture happenings by sharing your info here.

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