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5 Benefits of Integrated CRM Payment Solutions for Nonprofits

By Jane Trenaman March 15, 2022

How much time does your fundraising team spend each month manually importing and exporting data from an increasingly diverse range of payment providers? Every day, countless donor care teams live the ultimate irony. Despite representing that all-important personal touchpoint with donors, they risk spending more time on basic data management tasks that are unnecessarily clunky — time that could be better spent cultivating those paramount donor relationships.

In’s latest Nonprofit Trends Report, one in four nonprofits surveyed had added recurring donation options over the past 12 months. And one in four said they also added more payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, or cryptocurrencies. As individual giving and digital fundraising continues to demonstrate resilience and growth, traditional manual workarounds in the sector have been exposed and challenged. Streamlined management and processing of payment data is an essential precursor to truly grasping the opportunity to upscale these income streams.

Infographic image depicting different payment options
As payments continue to evolve, it’s easy to add and change your preferred processors and methods through Salesforce.

So What Next?

In an era where your data is your donor, spending time with your donor versus spending time with your donor data should not and does not need to be a trade-off. This data is a rich and wonderful resource from which to build donor relationships, but insight will remain untapped if excessive time is unnecessarily spent tinkering with basic manual tasks rather than harnessing the data’s real value.

The first step toward efficiency is unifying payment data from all sources to have a single source of truth in your CRM platform — a simple, time-saving setup that helps you to collate your donor data in one place.’s new Nonprofit Spring Release empowers fundraisers through a new end-to-end Nonprofit Cloud offering. And Salesforce has partnered up with FinDock to bring nonprofits a payments solution that integrates with your end-to-end fundraising platform.

Keep reading for five major benefits of this holistic payment solution integrated with Salesforce.

1. Payment Data Automatically Transfers from NPSP to Salesforce

Imagine that unified payment data can be populated in Salesforce without the need for all those .csv files and manual imports. You can have a one-stop solution across one-time payments, subscription payments, online banking, wallets, contactless payments, payment links, and payment requests. This also extends to your valuable direct debits, which can be collected directly from your bank in several payment schedules — either natively, or through integrations like GoCardless. You can also gain real-time insights into Gift Aid declarations with no manual uploads.

Not only will this free up your team’s time to spend on more value-adding activities, it also drastically reduces risk of human error, so that you can trust your donor data as a solid foundation on which to build donor satisfaction and data-driven relationships.

2. Get a Holistic View of Income Across Payment Methods

With integrated payments, you can track, manage, and optimize all the payment methods and providers in your arsenal. Salesforce dashboards give you a 360-degree view of these and allow you to compare and contrast income and cost data, allowing you to make informed decisions to optimize your return on investment. And if you’re operating across multiple countries or regions, rest assured that you will have real-time actionable payment data from any channel, in any currency.

Screenshot of a payment dashboard in Salesforce
Oversight of different payment methods and providers allows you to optimize your portfolio.

3. Real-Time Reconciliation

The joy of seamlessly integrated payments can be shared beyond the fundraising team by also tackling some of your pain points that exist cross-functionally. Not only can you demonstrate to your colleagues in finance how you’re optimizing your return on investment, you can also take the pain out of manual reconciliation. Accounting Subledger prepares your fundraising information for your accounting system and connects the two systems, saving time and ensuring a single source of truth for revenue and payment data.

Payment data can also be reconciled in real time across payment providers and large bank files. When integrated with Accounting Subledger, incoming donation records are recorded to a subledger and then exported into the accounting system.

4. Improved Processes Mean Better Digital Donor Experiences

How long do your donors wait for acknowledgement of their donation and how much does this vary across payment methods? Automated import of donor data through guided matching paves the way for smooth onboarding of new donors, and timely thank yous become the first step of a donor journey to maximize donor acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

A seamless supporter experience powered by smart processes and integrated solutions will allow you to meet the ever-diversifying needs and increasing expectations of your donors.

5. Create Your own Integrated Giving Pages

Screenshot of a custom donor giving page
Create bespoke, user-friendly giving pages without code or cost.

FinDock also allows you to create beautiful landing pages in minutes without having to call your IT team or incur any additional costs. Forms for one-time or recurring payments and preset ask amounts are fully integrated to kickstart the payment experience and deliver a seamless payment journey. These forms are fully integrated with your preferred payment processors and methods.

So go ahead and take a closer look at how you can streamline your payment solutions. You owe it to your team, your donors, and your organization to find a better way.

Learn more about fundraising with Nonprofit Cloud and how to increase your fundraising agility with FinDock.

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Jane Trenaman
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