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3 Ways Top Nonprofits Succeed With Online Fundraising

By May 19, 2016

The past few years have marked the beginning of a shift in the way nonprofits have viewed themselves – away from the scarcity model discussed in Dan Palotta’s now-famous TED talk, towards one of investing in people, programs, and a shared vision for social progress. Yet, many otherwise promising organizations continue to lag behind their for-profit counterparts when it comes to investing in their own futures. For modern nonprofits, this means investing in cutting-edge online fundraising technology.

The failure to invest time and resources in robust online fundraising strategies translates directly to lost revenues and lower donor acquisition and retention levels – which translates directly into reduced programmatic impact.

As a reader of the blog, you’re most likely ahead of many organizations. Chances are though, you’re still looking to take full advantage of the benefits a powerful online fundraising strategy has to offer. At Classy, we have a team of 200 people dedicated to creating amazing software that helps nonprofits all over the U.S. and Canada do exactly that – optimize their online fundraising strategies, operate more efficiently, and deliver greater impact. Here are just a few questions to help you figure out where you stand:

  • Do you think of online donations are an essential revenue stream, or a “nice to have?”
  • How do you engage donors after a campaign or event is completed?
  • Are you building targeted, personalized email campaigns, or taking more of a “shotgun” approach to marketing?
  • Do you have sustainable, low-cost, revenue coming in through your website, or are funding levels still sporadic?
  • Is fundraising an isolated effort, or is it fully aligned with programmatic objectives?

Webinar with Classy

For cutting-edge organizations like Pencils of Promise, Team Rubicon, Vs. Cancer, Possible Health, and The Trevor Project, online revenue is not only a core part of not only their overall fundraising strategy, but a powerful tool for strengthening supporter relationships and increasing programmatic impact. For these organizations, online fundraising isn’t a “bonus,” but a crucial piece of their strategy for future growth and sustainability.

To learn how top nonprofits are getting the most out of their online fundraising efforts, and driving transparency and alignment within their organizations and donor base, join our webinar, 3 Ways Top Nonprofits Succeed With Online Fundraising, taking place on May 24th at 1:00 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT. Reserve your spot!

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