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ABOUT US is a social impact center of Salesforce focused on partnering with the global community to tackle the world’s biggest problems.


We believe that technology, when used for good, can change the world. We build powerful technology for, and with, our community of nonprofit, educational and philanthropic organizations. With their guidance, our solutions are tailored to their unique needs, helping them operate effectively, raise funds, and connect. In a world where digital-first is no longer a choice, our Nonprofit, Education, and Philanthropy Clouds enable organizations to increase digital engagement, create a single source of truth, and generate actionable insights. At a time when our communities need us more than ever, technology allows us to build resilience, and maximize social impact. Together, we can close the gap between the impact created today, and the potential for impact in the future.


As part of Salesforce, we increase our capacity to innovate on top of the world’s #1 CRM platform, to channel the pro-bono power of more than 50,000 employees, and to inspire customers and partners to join our global movement for good.


As we navigate challenging times, building resilience for the education and nonprofit sectors is our highest priority. We’ve worked with health experts, business leaders, government officials, and partners from across our ecosystem to build, a set of solutions and best practices to help manage the next normal.

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Our Evolution

Over the years we have learned we can’t solve for a changing world without changing ourselves. We didn’t always know where we would end up but our partners, customers, and global social movements have guided us along the way.


We were set up first with founder’s equity as a corporate foundation and evolved into a nonprofit social enterprise to give free and discounted technology to those who need it the most. Now, we are a dedicated social impact team within Salesforce, an industry leader in technology and philanthropy. Our evolution has allowed us to serve more nonprofit, education and philanthropic organizations, and improve our innovation by collaborating on solutions built for and with the community.


Today, we have three distinct clouds; Nonprofit CloudEducation Cloud, and Philanthropy Cloud. Our solutions are designed to help our customers be agile, resilient and meet the changing demands of those they serve. Whether it’s fundraising, student engagement, or connecting people with causes they care about, we innovate for, and with, the community to address the unique needs of our customers. This is further enhanced by our partner ecosystem, which helps increase the capacity for social innovation.


As a for-profit dedicated to the non-profit and education sectors, we provide free and deeply discounted technology to our community. And we continue to measure our success based on our social impact.

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Our Social Impact

The Community Impact Report 2020 reflects where we are on our impact journey. We view this report as a way to share back, and be transparent about our theory of change, our data collection, and our outcomes. In it, you will learn about our approach to impact through technology, community and partnerships, our response to COVID, and our results so far. All of this while highlighting how our customers have found success, despite the challenges of the year. You can also learn more about the criteria we used in the calculation of our social value. Our goal is to provide insight into how we add value for our community of customers and partners, and how we’re working to close the gap between the impact created today, and the potential for impact in the future.

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Our path to impact.

Improving the state of the world.

Technology 40K+

Nonprofits, K-12, & Higher Ed

Investment $406M+


Community 5M+

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