Rally Point 6
"We are expanding globally and that scale is only possible because of what the Nonprofit Success Pack allows us to do." - R.J. Naugle, R/P6 Co-Founder and US Army Veteran

Transition from Military Service Powered by the Nonprofit Success Pack and Heroku

“I’ve got your back.” That’s what someone hears when they walk into RP/6 (Rally Point 6) looking for help and it can mean all the difference in the world.

As the U.S. Military draws down, over 1 million talented men and women will re-enter the workforce over the next few years – but transition is hard. To support this process, RP/6 was founded to help support military personnel and their families successfully transition back into civilian life after their service ends. With the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and a mobile app built on Heroku, RP/6 has been able to fulfill that promise to service members and their families faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The Nonprofit Success Pack in Action

At the core of its programs, RP/6 is built off of the idea that a successful transition requires a strong support system and a plan. Powered by the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), RP/6 serves thousands of transitioning service members and their families through its programs with robust case management, customized Action Plans, and task-based follow through and connections to resources.

With the use of fully customizable Cases in the NPSP, case managers – known as Scouts – create a personalized Action Plan for each service or family member. The Action Plan, a custom object RP/6 built within NPSP links relationships back to the Case record, tracking all service members and their families in one place allowing the Scout to get a full picture of an individual or family’s “current state” and where they are on their progress towards transition. Staff also manage the over 2,400 partners directly within the NPSP that provide access to resources to help service members and their families successfully transition to civilian life.

“Follow-up and follow through are what we do,” explains Kylee Durant, Active Duty Army Spouse, RP/6 Chief Operating Officer, and Salesforce MVP. “Since implementing the Nonprofit Success Pack, the time in which a client submits an intake form to a Scout meeting with the individual for the first time has been reduced from an average of 48 hours to 2 hours due to the power of workflow automation and case assignment rules.”

The Action Plan App, Built on Heroku

With military members and their families on the go, RP/6 needed to meet their constituents where they are, anytime, anywhere. With the help of Salesforce employees who donated over 160 hours of pro bono work, RP/6 built a full mobile responsive app on Heroku called the Action Plan App. Service members now have access to their Action Plans in real-time with the ability to chat with their Scout directly in the app, complete tasks, and track progress towards their goal. With the power of Process Builder, Scouts are alerted every time a client completes a task.
Since customizing the Nonprofit Success Pack and launching the Action Plan app, RP/6 has also been able to serve 50% more service members than it had in the past, which has helped inspire the organization’s leaders to think big. “RP/6 formed a strategic partnership with the USO in 2015; the innovation of the Nonprofit Success Pack and the mobile App will soon be supporting service and family members globally”, says Anne Sprute, RP/6 Founder, CEO and US Army Veteran.

Partners, Donors, Clients, and More in One Place

The Nonprofit Success Pack serves as the foundation for all RP/6 does. In addition to managing its programs on the NPSP, it uses Opportunities for its robust fundraising – tracking donations, grants, major gifts, and matching donations. Due to the streamlined approach of the NPSP’s grant management functionality, RP/6 has seen a 70% increase in funds raised.

But what’s most important about using the NPSP as its single source of truth is that each team member has a 360 view of the organization’s clients, partners, and donors. “The power of the Nonprofit Success Pack is that is puts the constituent at the center of everything,” explains Durant. Any team member from any department is able to understand an individual’s path through the organization – from participating in its programs, to becoming a donor to the organization, and a volunteer that is now helping other military members and their families transition successfully. “That 360 degree view of each constituent has been critical to us in creating efficiency, understanding, innovation, and the pursuit of moving the needle forward for service members, veterans and their families.”

“The future at Rally Point 6 is very bright. We are expanding globally, we’re going to be at every major Army installation across the country by the end of next year. We are only able to scale at this level because of what the Nonprofit Success Pack allows us to do at RP/6.” – R.J. Naugle, Co-Founder and US Army Veteran

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