“Salesforce’s Social Studio has increased our social media post volume by 88% in about seven months, and increased average monthly impressions by almost 60%." - Ellen Seebold, Director, Social Media, Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media Keeps Kids and Families Safe, Informed, and Engaged with Salesforce and Social Studio

Common Sense Media, a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for healthy media diets for children in a device-rich world, delivers tailored content to and actively engages with parents, families, educators and advocates. But creating content unique to its constituents and understanding how they engaged with the organization was a challenge. With duplicate data stored in multiple siloed systems, Common Sense’s growth was hampered by a lack of alignment in its technology. “Before Salesforce, we had deeply entrenched organizational silos, operating independently of one another, sometimes seemingly with different missions. It was a classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing,” said Gordon Lee, CSM’s Salesforce administrator.

Social was similarly fractured. Common Sense operates three unique programs, or pillars, across sixteen social media channels. Running these programs through two separate publishing tools with no mutual visibility into the content or strategy driving them, Common Sense quickly found its ability to increase social reach and engagement hampered. To most effectively drive and respond to the public conversation around its mission, Common Sense needed to streamline its engagement efforts and create a singular voice for the organization.

Two Goals: One Objective

Common Sense had two interdependent goals: 1) Create a single platform with which it could manage donor events as well as integrate its web presence, social media, and email, and 2) Elevate its social media—a key engagement vehicle for its programs—to deliver relevant, meaningful content.

Having previously built at a single, heavily customized Salesforce instance to track events and donations, additional member data was stored in a separate system. Common Sense was looking for something to pull all the pieces together. It selected the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) as its CRM and a platform that will scale as the organization grows. “If our organization wasn’t run off a single platform, we would only be able to make incremental changes.” says Lee. “With Salesforce we can make scalable changes that will meet our growing needs.”

The organization also reviewed several social media tools, including Hootsuite Enterprise, Adobe Social, Simply Measured, as well as Salesforce Social Studio. “Ultimately, we chose Social Studio. It was the only all-in-one publish, engage, listen, and analyze tool that really helped us consolidate all our multiple pillars and multiple channels,” said Ellen Seebold, Director, Social Media at Common Sense Media

Realizing a Strategy, Deferred

After implementing Social Studio, Common Sense immediately saw results. “We have better engagement with our audiences,” said Seebold. “Social Studio has increased our social post volume by 88% in about seven months. Average monthly social impressions have increased by almost 60%. Total followers have increased by 16%.” All of Common Sense’s social channel managers have since adopted the tool and employed new campaigns and engagement strategies

For another example, with access to centralized data, event managers can now find and engage members within 25 miles of a scheduled event in areas of specific interest to them. Said Lee, “If you’re engaged, there’s more brand awareness, and increased brand awareness opens the doors to bigger impact. Salesforce enables us to do that in a strategic and cost-effective way.”

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