Nonprofit Starter Pack

By Nikki Sutton | April 1, 2014 |

The Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP)

Designed for nonprofits of all sizes, NPSP has undergone tremendous development since 2008 to become the most widely used nonprofit Salesforce application. NPSP is an-easy-to-use fundraising and constituent management application on the Salesforce platform. A free, open-source product developed in partnership with the community, NPSP is built specifically with the needs of nonprofits in mind. Whether your organization is all-volunteer, moderately staffed, or well-established and resourced, the NPSP will help you advance your mission — as it’s doing everyday for tens of thousands of nonprofits.

NPSP helps you (among many other things):

  • Manage your contacts and households, donation payments, organization accounts and affiliations, and grant lifecycles
  • Track relationships between contacts, donations and recurring donations

Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0 Overview

Documentation and Resources

Get started with the Nonprofit Starter Pack:

Support for NPSP is provided in the Power of Us Hub, an online community (of over 25,000 members) for customers. To log in to the Hub, go to and enter your Salesforce username and password. (Please note: only active customers are able to access the Power of Us Hub.)

In the Hub you will find:

  • Questions and answers on virtually everything related to Salesforce and nonprofits (98% of questions get answered)
  • Specialized Chatter groups dedicated to the types of questions you’re interested in, including one just for Nonprofit Starter Pack
  • Product documentation, workbooks, and helpful tips
  • The most knowledgeable experts on Salesforce and nonprofits, anywhere in the world

In addition to the HUB, members of the NPSP community also host a Weekly Office Hours webinar where you can get your questions answered. There are also a number of local user groups all over the world where people who are using Salesforce at their organizations meet offline to discuss best practices, tips and tricks, and general Salesforce information. Check to see if there is a user group near you. If there is, please join the community!

Contribute to NPSP

In addition to being available via a managed package, NPSP is an open-source, BSD-licensed package. Since open-source initiatives are so important to, developer contributions and involvement are welcomed and encouraged! Learn how NPSP is developed and how you can get involved.