Student Success and Intervention Management

Gain a 360° View of Student Progress

Create Custom Reports and Dashboards, Track Results Over Time

Create Custom Reports and Dashboards, Track Results Over Time

Many schools are working hard to provide students with holistic support that is tailored to their needs. Yet, data from these efforts are often hard to track. Our customizable dashboards quickly show insights relating to case management, program involvement, academic progress, attendance trends, and behavior incidents – all in one place. Use our Student Success and Intervention Management solutions to track the support that students receive, the programs they are involved in, and the progress they are making.

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Student Success and Intervention Management
"One of the great things about Salesforce is you get what you need right away. " – Michelle Bruce, Senior Director of Technology and Technology Innovation, KIPP

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Features and Benefits

360° Student and School Profiles

Provide school leaders, teachers, and even parents with a holistic view of their students’ progress. Use Salesforce to gain insights relating to academics, behavior, attendance, program participation, and more. Understand each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Track progress in real-time, and receive automated alerts whenever customized thresholds are crossed.

Program Participation and Case Management

Salesforce can streamline the student referral process, ensuring that students are connected to the resources they need, when they need them. Use Salesforce to easily see a student’s previous needs assessments and support history, assign new support services, add or read notes, get automated reminders, ask questions, and track progress - all in one platform. You can also use dashboards to identify trends by student group or program.

Configurable, Role-Based Reports and Dashboards

Role-based permissions ensure that administrators, school leaders, teachers, parents, and counselors only access the data they need for their role - automatically. Users are then able to configure their dashboards according to their priorities.

Mobile Ready

With our customizable Salesforce1 Mobile App, easily post to a group, download a file, or document a student interaction from any device. Locate key information, get support, share insights with colleagues, and drive progress forward, no matter where you are.

Longitudinal Student Cohort Tracking

Our platform lets you group, track, and update student cohorts as you go. Want to understand the impact of student participation in interventions, counseling, after school programs, tutoring, and / or other group participation? Add tags to student accounts as you go and then view results by group in customizable dashboards.

Alumni Tracking & Post Secondary Success

Use Salesforce to store alumni information and build your base of active alumns. Keep in touch with alumni by easily engaging with them across multiple channels. With Salesforce, you can administer surveys, solicit donations, engage volunteers, and integrate National Student Clearinghouse data to track alumni performance and outcomes over time.