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Imagine a 360 view for each of your students.

Imagine a 360 view for each of your students.

You spend a lot of time and money to onboard a student. And when a student, who is your brand ambassador, either leaves, transfers or doesn’t graduate, everyone pays the price. Colleges and universities not only lose tuition, they also incur high costs to acquire a new student and suffer from lost potential alumni donations. And it certainly doesn’t serve the student well if they don’t graduate or take a few extra years before getting out into the workforce with even more student loans to repay. A focus on student success and retention is critical to growing your college or university as well as your brand. Salesforce for Student Success helps you get a 360-degree student view, provide frictionless service, and cultivate a strong student community.

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Student Success
"We’ve got a 360 degree view of the students and we know where they’re at in the program at all times." – Brian Peddle, CTO, College for America at Southern New Hampshire University

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Learn What Makes Your Students Tick

Connect with your students. Build a community of advocates by connecting with students when and where they are most engaged — on social networks. Learn what matters most to them and respond by showing that you’re not only listening, but also taking action. If they complain, create a service request or route it to an advisor to solve the problem. If they send kudos, send thanks. Turn your interactions with your students into meaningful connections that keep them active members of your community.

Identify At-Risk Students

There are so many factors that can warn you about student at risk. The problem is they are in so many different systems that you can miss all the signs. Consolidate data from your SIS, LMS, Degree Audit, etc. in one system that can send alerts to advisors to reach out and make a difference before it’s too late.

Align Staff to Help Students

Teamwork is made so much easier if you can easily collaborate, share files and ideas, and break down silos. Whether you’re working on an event like Homecoming that involves a large team or helping a struggling student get the tutoring they need, giving your staff the tools they need to easily collaborate and get things done faster can increase efficiency and satisfaction.

Make It Easy To Navigate the System

It can be overwhelming for students to figure out who has the answers to their questions and how they can get them. Provide students, faculty and staff with a one-stop shop that includes self-service tools to find resolutions themselves – at any time of day, across channels, and from any device. Easily find answers, reach out to peer communities to get answers, engage in a live chat with an advisor, or tweet to create an IT case. Making it easy to navigate the system increases student and staff satisfaction.

Build Communities

Feeling part of a strong, supportive community can greatly increase student, faculty/staff, parent, alumni and partner satisfaction and retention. Create an online community, where constituents can access all of the info they need to connect, submit questions, voice opinions, and get more involved in campus events.

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