Make your campus stand out with the world’s #1 sales, service and marketing app.

Make your campus stand out with the world’s #1 sales, service and marketing app.

Thousands of colleges and universities are mining social media for prospective students, tracking applicants from initial touch through the entire student lifecycle, and managing information across departments to effectively target the right students. Salesforce for Recruiting allows you to boost recruiter productivity and performance, increase yield, and gain complete insight.

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"We found that we did not just buy software-as-a-service, we bought a system that enabled us to improve our selling process, and have had tremendous success because of it." – Doug Wotherspoon, VP International and Strategic Priorities, Algonquin College

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Meet Prospective Students Where They Are

Does it seem that youth are born with a mobile device in their hand? They spend hours per day on social networks sharing their thoughts, opinions, and seeking advice. And they’re talking about you. Join the conversation. Hear what they are saying, discover who you’re competing with, uncover their concerns, learn their language, and engage. Connecting with them in their channels can turn a simple question into an application.

Work Together as a Team

There are a lot of people who touch an application. When you connect the team — financial aid, athletics, student housing — it’s easier to share information, capture all the best ideas, and work as a team to convert an admitted student to an enrolled student.

Create a 360° Prospect Profile

Have all of the prospective and application data in one place available anytime, anywhere. No more moving data between multiple vendors and products in order to get your job done. Easily conduct email campaigns, send letters, build online forms, track social networking conversations, register for events, enter notes and automate tasks all in one place.

Track Your Progress

By having all the data in one place, you can easily monitor how you’re doing against your goals. Recruiters and administrative staff can build, view, and deliver reports and dashboards themselves, reducing your reliance on your college’s IT department. View a high-level dashboard showing your current enrollment funnel to see if you are on track compared to previous years. Dig deeper to see which applicants you are pursuing who haven’t completed their requirements for admission.

Mobilize Your Recruiters

Recruiters are out there meeting prospective students at events and open houses, and need access to their recruiting systems wherever they are. Imagine updating a prospect’s file, communicating with the financial aid officer directly on the record, taking application info on-the-spot, or being able to tell a prospect what’s missing from their application without delay.

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Higher Ed institutions have their own unique challenges and opportunities. So Salesforce creates unique solutions, geared to your industry, to help you take full advantage of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics as you transform your campus. Learn how.

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