Higher Ed Summit 2016 Session Recordings
At the 2016 Higher Ed Summit, Tulane University, Salesforce.org, and leading colleges and universities from across North America joined together for an exciting two and a half day journey that inspired action and paved the way to becoming a Connected Campus. Watch session recordings from industry experts and partners as they share insights, ideas, and lessons on how technology can transform your institution into a Connected Campus.

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  • Alumnae Prospect Management at Smith College
  • Customer Panel: Preparing for an Advancement Connect Implementation


  • Facultyforce: Promoting Discovery and Collaboration by Connecting People
  • Making Outreach Make Sense: A Data Driven Approach to University STEM Outreach
  • Feeling Out a Framework: Emotionally Intelligent CRM
  • Academics in Action: Tracking University Startups & Economic Impact


  • Campus Emergency Response with Salesforce
  • Building a Sustainable CRM Program
  • Successful Training Equals Successful Users
  • Campus 3.0
  • Planning for Successful Accreditation with Salesforce
  • Enabling the Next Generation – Launch Your Students’ Careers
  • Implementation vs. Adoption: A Parallel Enterprise Strategy
  • Higher Ed Advisory Council Office Hours
  • Implementing Cultural Change: Moving from Paper to Mobile
  • Welcome to Jurassic Reports
  • Salesforce Higher Education User Group Meeting
  • Using Salesforce for Case Management to Enhance the Business Side of Higher Ed
  • Optimizing Enterprise CRM in a Sub-optimized World
  • Moving The Needle: Using Salesforce & Data.com to Enhance Corporate Relations
  • User adoption: If you’ve built it, will they come?


  • Marketing Automation for Higher Ed
  • Applying Consumer Marketing Practices to Higher Education


  • 5 Schools, 1 Org: Pepperdine University’s Student Recruitment Journey
  • Proactive Recruitment – Taking Control of the Funnel
  • Transforming Recruitment: How to Leverage Salesforce for New Methods
  • Revolutionizing the Student Application Experience with Communities
  • Breaking Barriers with Data: Using Salesforce to Understand Who to Recruit
  • Enrollment Management Q&A Session: Temple University & Saint Louis University
  • People Recruit People: How to Get Your Team to Use the CRM (Not Stress Out)


  • Enhancing Business Operations and Strategic Value in Student Services
  • Tracking Student Outcomes in Salesforce
  • Managing Course Feedback with Salesforce
  • Building a Responsive Web-Based Course Registration System
  • Using Salesforce to Intervene Early and Advise Effectively
  • Providing the Optimal Student Experience for Online Students
  • Power of Insight: Enterprise Student Data to Derive Insights for Better Outcomes
  • Using Data, Analytics, and Action to Influence Student Success and Retention


  • Creating a System of Engagement Across Multiple Data Sources
  • Connecting the Right Data with Salesforce
  • Integrating SUMO with Johnson’s Custom Admissions Application
  • Using Docusign and Salesforce To Simplify and Automate Student Forms
  • Boldly Go: Preparing for a Successful Voyage with Salesforce in the Enterprise
  • Integrating Salesforce with Gmail or Outlook using Cirrus Insight


  • Salesforce.org Keynote
  • Bridge or Barrier? Higher Education in 2025
  • Fireside Chat with Tulane University Leadership