The Nonprofit Starter Pack is an app that sits on top of Salesforce Enterprise Edition. The Nonprofit Starter Pack pre-configures Salesforce for nonprofits, and is designed to make the daily life of nonprofits a little easier.

The Nonprofit Starter Pack helps you:

  • Manage individual donors and their donations, memberships, relationships and company affiliations
  • Create and manage Households and household giving
  • Create and manage recurring gifts and payments

Introduction to the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0

Documentation and Resources

Get Started with the Nonprofit Starter Pack by:

Support for the Nonprofit Starter Pack is provided in the Power of Us Hub, an online community for customers. To log in to the Hub, just go to and enter your Salesforce username and password. (Please note: only active Foundation customers are able to access the Power of Us Hub.)

In the Hub you will find:

  • Questions and answers on virtually everything related to Salesforce and nonprofits
  • Specialized Chatter groups dedicated to the types of nonprofits you’re interested in
  • Product documentation, workbooks, and helpful tips
  • The most knowledgeable experts on Salesforce and nonprofits, anywhere in the world

NPSP Github Project

The Nonprofit Starter Pack is an open-source, BSD-licensed package. Developer contributions and involvement are welcomed and encouraged! The hosts all packages and source code on GitHub using git. You can find all code as well as tags, issues lists, and release notes in the code repository. You can find contributor instructions on the Foundation GitHub wiki.