Salesforce Higher Ed Summit 18

Higher Ed Summit 2018

Education Empowered

Georgetown University,, and leading colleges and universities from across North America came together for an exciting two and a half day innovation journey March 21-23, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Attendees heard thought-provoking insights from the community and attend meaningful breakouts and tactical workshops that will enable them to reshape the education experience into one that is personalized and meets each and every student’s educational needs. From recruiting, to student success, and all the way to advancement, attendees heard success stories and learned about best practices from the entire higher ed community.



Dynamic Application
West Virginia University & Salesforce and SIS Integration
Moving from Slate to SFDO: One School’s Results
HEDA Migration for Enrollment Management
Chatbots for Education: Meeting Students Where They Are
Tips for Implementing Salesforce Without a Central IT Mandate
Multi-point Integrations to Streamline New Enrollments
Empowering First Year Students with Marketing Cloud
Revamping & Revitalizing K-12 Admissions & Enrollment


Innovation in Advancement at Georgetown: Smart Batching
Fundraising & Grants Management for K-12 Schools
Advancement In an Enterprise Org
Been There, Done That: A Panel on Advancement Solution Implementation
Fundraising is Sales: There, I Said It.
Advancement Gift Processing Building Block Update
Data Integrity to Data Intelligence: Taking Advancement To Another Level
Improving Efficiency of Alumni Volunteer Management with Salesforce
Demo: Westmont’s Custom Gift Processing Solution
Keeping Your Gift Officers on Track with SalesPath in Lightning
The 3 Keys to More Confident Fundraising
Painless Pledge Management: Change happens, lets manage it
Live Demo: Advancement & Alumni Relations
Data and Advancement – Best Practices, Trends and Tips


Becoming BOLDer: Card Swiping Analytics using Salesforce Communities at CU
Einstein Prediction Builder
College Students Using Einstein Analytics to Analyze Admissions Data
Live Demo: Einstein Discovery
Live Demo: Artificial Intelligence with Einstein

Best Practices

Connect With Your Student Across Every Channel With Salesforce Identity
Utilizing and Extending HEDA to Support Competency-Based Education Programs
Sync in Real Time: Data Integration Between AWS and Salesforce
Learn with Trailhead: Tips for Creating an Engaging Learning Strategy
Driving Digital Transformation at the World’s Oldest University
Using Salesforce and Quip to Launch Large-Scale Programs
Connected Campus Vision in Action: How to Achieve It
Salesforce Implementation @ Critical Mass
Big Appetite, Small Bites: How to Eat the Salesforce Elephant
The Power of Shield: Be a Superhero with Event Monitoring
Making the Move to HEDA
HEDA Migration & Execution at Enterprise Scale
Lifecycle Integration with the University of Kentucky
Crash Course: Blend CRM and CMS
Leveraging Salesforce for Accreditation Management
Create the Higher Ed Tools You Need – No Code Required
Live Demo: Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA)
One Product, One Vision: Championing CRM in UK Higher Education
Finding the Marauder’s Map: Creating New Pathways with HEDA
Maximize Your Employer Relations Model Utilizing Salesforce
Enterprise Innovation at ASU
Advanced BI Analytics: Tips on HEDA Migration & Integrating Multiple Data Source
Personal Branding for the Modern Social Media Professor: Do’s and Don’ts
Salesforce Security: Fully Automated
Application and Enrollment Management for Co-Curricular Opportunities
Achieving the Connected Campus using Modern Architectures
More Alike Than Different: Fundraising Strategies for Employer Outreach
Business Processes and a Bimodal IT Ecosystem at a European Online University
Integrating Banner: Transform Your Student Data
SalesforceDX: Streamlining the Application Development Lifecycle
Enhancing Student and Faculty Experience with Intelligent Document Automation
Expanding Beyond the Student Lifecycle: Salesforce for University HR
Strategy: Your Data Pain Reliever
Salesforce Implementation Campus-Wide: Keeping our eyes on the prize!

Community Engagement

Crafting Digital Experiences with Salesforce Communities
The Connected K-12 School: Tech Tools for Engaging the Community (DEMO)
One Stop Shop: Enhance the Student Experience with Community Cloud
Engage, Engage, Engage: Lessons Learned on Community Cloud
Leveraging Salesforce’s Social Studio To Teach Social Listening and Analytics
Leveraging Lightning Bolts in Higher Education


The Perfect Storm: SAP, StarRez, and Enterprise Data Integration
Turning Data Integration Challenges into Collateral Benefits
Taylor University: A HEDA Salesforce Success Story
Live Demo: Distributed Marketing
Innovation Decentralized While Keeping Control of Your System
Salesforce Connect: Unlocking Integrations


A Tale of Two Clouds: Powering the Marketing Cloud at Harvard Business School
The Journey to Marketing Cloud
Maximize Your Deliverability: The Value in Higher Ed Email Marketing
Live Demo: Social Studio
Live Demo: Marketing & Communications
If You Build It, They Will Come: Engaging Students and Faculty at UT
Creating and Managing a Dynamic Communication Plan


Live Demo: Recruiting & Admissions
Force for Change Grants: The Impact of Community on One College’s Admissions
Putting Interactions to Work for You
Herding Cats: How 45 Continuing Education Programs Were Brought Together
Territory Management: The Art, Science, and Technology Behind ROI
Salesforce: Change Management in Recruitment & Admissions
Second Choice or Destination: Working Smarter to Stand Out
Optimizing Automation – The Educational Journey from Inquiry to Graduation
Beyond Installation: The Everlasting Evolution of Your CRM
Projecting NTR with Opportunities
Journey to a Connected Campus for Tecnológico de Monterrey: Phase 1.

Student Success

Trailhead for Students: Skilling-up for the Digital Workforce
Opportunity Knocks on the Student Life Cycle
Using Service Cloud for Student Retention at the University of Oklahoma
Anticipating and Meeting Evolving Student Expectations in a Digital Era
Academic Planning and Registration for Student Success
Hoya360/Advising: Empowered Education
Redesigning the Student Experience
Implementation of Comprehensive Event Calendar and Student Incentive Program
Research Perspectives & Emerging Possibilities for Digital Engagement
Advising 2.0: Automate Your Case Management
How Salesforce Skills Can Empower Your Students
The Power of Integrating Univeristy-wide Data Collection with Towson University
Implementing a Comprehensive Data Collection Strategy to Support Student Success
Building a Force for Student Success
Lifelong Support without Lifelong Debt: How Berkeley College Engages Students
Live Demo: Student Success

Thought Leadership Keynote: Education Empowered Keynote: Equality Starts with Education
Panel: Disruptions in Higher Education
Panel: Fundraising, The Backbone of Higher Education
Fireside Chat: The Future of Higher Education
First Generation Perspectives
Why Enterprise CRM? Showcasing the Power of CRM to Senior Leadership
Salesforce: Your New Student Information System
Future of Work: Education to Employment
Live Demo: Salesforce for Higher Ed – Campus-Wide CRM Overview
Bad Names, Addresses and Duplicates: How to Improve Your Data Quality
A Primer on AI in Higher Education
Extending the Connected Campus to Students through Real World Experience
Exec Panel: Student Success Across K-12, Higher Ed & Beyond
The Higher Ed Solution Marketplace
Is Higher Education Enough? Connecting Classrooms and Careers
Admin Tools for Free! (And Other Things You Might Not Know Are Free)
Free Powertools for the Awesome (Higher Ed) Admin
Implementing the Future Structure of Higher Education
Implementation at the Speed of Light: The Challenges Faced in Higher Ed
How a Trailhead Challenge Transformed Our User Engagement
How to Lead Campus-Wide Change
Georgetown 360: Building Momentum Around a Single Organization
Agile Collaboration: NYU Stern’s Cultural Transformation
Academic Program Management with Sales Cloud and Lightning for Outlook